How to give a talk that rocks!

For the last quarter of a century, God has blessed me with the privilege of speaking to hundreds of thousands of people across the nation, primarily through Dare 2 Share events. In addition, I've spoken at tons of conferences, festivals and churches to students and adults alike. 

Over the years I've developed a list of 10 actions steps I take when I prepare for and give a talk. These help me craft and deliver messages that go for maximum spiritual impact every time. I hope they encourage you as you prepare and deliver talks that glorify God, equip the believers and reach the lost.

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3 keys to keeping your best adult volunteers over the long haul

Finding adults who are willing to pour their lives into teenagers is an important part of every youth leader's job. Effective youth leaders understand that they can't do it alone. 

But one of the challenges, beside recruiting the right kind of volunteers, is keeping them long term. In the busy business of life, even the best youth ministry volunteer can lose momentum (and eventually interest) if they are not being led effectively.

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Get buff! Get tough! Get out! (Joseph's 3 keys to sexual purity)

"Now Joseph was well-built and handsome, and after a while his master’s wife took notice of Joseph and said, 'Come to bed with me!'  But he refused."  Genesis 39:7,8

When Joseph was sold into slavery as a 17 year old teenager he had no idea what awaited him. Sure he would serve time as a slave and as a prisoner but he would also be relentlessly tempted by a beautiful older woman who wanted to have sex with him.

Joseph just said no...again and again. And his refusals would eventually lead to a chain of events that would save his family, the future nation of Israel, from starvation.

Joseph's three keys can help keep both us and our teenagers pure from sexual sin:

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3 lessons from Jesus on how to recruit the best youth ministry volunteers

In youth ministry (or most any ministry for that matter) getting the right volunteers is key. In a low-funded, big-vision ministry world, getting the best volunteers to join you on your quest is absolutely non-negotiable. 

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10 ways to amp up your sermon impact right away

1.  Spend time praying that God will give you the right passage(s) to preach.

2.  Exegete the needs of the audience before you exegete the meaning of the text.

3.  Soak yourself in the passage(s) you are going to preach. Ask God through his Holy Spirit to reveal to you the meaning, main point and some powerful insights.

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A CASE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY...         5 reasons why #StuMin is more relevant now than ever

We live in an age where youth ministry is under fire. There are those pundits who wax eloquent about the demise of youth ministry and pound the pulpit over the need for something different. Some call youth ministry a ploy of the Devil to take teenagers out of big church and give them pablum instead. Others say that we just need to integrate teenagers into the overall life of the church and all will be well. And some call for a purely intergenerational approach that allows the older to disciple the younger. Still others say it's all about children's ministry.

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Is it wrong to use entertainment in youth ministry?

Ask the typical church member what words come to mind when they hear the words "youth ministry" and most will probably use words like "games" or "fun" as part of their description. Youth ministry is known for its ability to entertain teenagers. But it's also recognized for helping teenagers know and grow in Christ.

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Is your Gospel as CLEAR as it should be? Take this simple test and see.

If I gave you the choice between drinking a muddy glass of water or a clear one, of course, you'd choose the clear one. Nobody wants their water mixed with dirt and sediment. The clearer the better.

What's true of a glass of water is true of a presentation of the Gospel. The clearer the better.

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What to do if your pastor is not on board with your youth ministry

I talk to youth leaders across the country, many of whom feel like their pastors are not fully behind their youth ministry efforts. Speaking as a former church planter and preaching pastor, here are a few tips that will help get your Sr. Pastor on board with you and your youth ministry:

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5 ways to prevent Youth Ministry burnout

We've all seen the disturbing statistics of youth leader turnover in the church. I've read differing numbers regarding the average stay of a youth leader in the typical church. The statistics I've read have ranged from as little as one year to as many as four. Regardless of which statistic is correct I think we can all agree that the turnover rate in youth ministry is too high. 

The question that haunts me is why? Why are there so many youth leaders leaving their posts after a relatively short stint?

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