10 things I loved about the Chicago #D2SFearless Conference

1. Lifechangers church (the host church for the conference) got super pumped about the conference (and not just the youth group!) Custodians, executive assistants and even the production department were all excited about evangelism and evangelism training. One custodian lead a dude to Christ walking in off the

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Still deciding whether or not to attend #D2SFearless? Watch this recap video!

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10 things I loved about the Columbus #D2SFearless Conference

1. Not only was the conference sold out, the teens were SOLD OUT!

2. I think it was, by God's grace, the best youth leader session Doug Holliday and yours truly have done to date.

3. The youth leader’s session was held in a children’s church setting

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10 things I loved about the Denver #D2SFearless Tour

1. It was just 7 minutes from my house. I could literally roll out of bed into the conference (well, maybe not literally!)

2. It sounded like an earthquake from back stage when the youth groups were first let in on Friday night!

3. We had a group from Teen Challenge

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10 things I loved about the #D2SFearless conference in San Diego

1. It was in San Diego! (technically El Cajon, but close enough!)

2. The teenagers were on fire! The room was a virtual dance party when the teens came back from their outreach experience.

3. They "got" every skit and were a very responsive crowd.

4. Tons of teenagers

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10 Things I LOVED about #D2SFearless in Twin Cities

1. There was a TON of decisions for Christ and to share Christ on Friday night.

2. It was held at Grace Church, a church that is living and leading THE Cause “across the street and around the world!” I LOVE this church!

3. The youth leaders

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10 things I LOVED about the Seattle #D2SFearless Conference

1. The teenagers were pumped! From backstage we could hear the buzz of a few thousands teenagers getting ready to make a huge impact on Seattle for Jesus!

2. The Digital Age. It was our first time traveling with this band. They are humble, friendly and excellent at

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The Power of Love (Emily's Story)

Not too long ago I received this e-mail from Emily. She lives a few blocks from us and her mom is a teacher in the same county my wife is. Once in awhile Emily babysits our kids and housesits for us. She told me that she had been to a Dare 2 Share conference and that it really impacted her but I didn’t know her full story until she sent me this. She gave me permission to share it with you.

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10 powerful truths God taught me during The "Reverse" Tour

1. Intercessory prayer has to be part of every Dare 2 Share conference in the future.

After experiencing the 30 minute prayer time on the Saturday night of the Reverse Tour I don't think we can ever go back to not spending at least some time in intercessory

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HT' Paul Romig-Leavitt

The Dictionary defines HT' as an internet acknowledgement that means "...either 'Hat tip' or 'Heard through.'' For instance, if a person Tweets a quote they heard from someone else they can put HT' before the name of the person they heard it from as an act of online courtesy.

I love

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