This week I went to Columbus, Ohio where I had the privilege of preaching to 9,000 Assembly of God teenagers gathered from all over the United States for their annual Fine Arts Festival. The crowd was fired up on opening night as I cracked open God’s Word and preached tothem about the urgency of evangelism.

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For God so loved "Dunia"

Just a few days ago, as I sat on a plane from Denver to Chicago, I had the opportunity of striking up a conversation with a vibrant and wide-eyed 23 year old college student named "Dunia" (pronounced "Doon-ee-ah.") We talked for awhile about what it was like living in Denver

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The key to catching fish (both literally and spiritually)

I'm not much of a fisherman (in the literal sense) but this last week I think I discovered the key...Go to where the fish are!

The truck (in the video below) pulled up next to me, my boy and little girl as we were fishing in the beautiful mountains of Colorado

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Jesus wants to dance with you

I met Abby on a plane trip this last weekend. I offered to help her 4' 1" female partner lift her large suitcase into one of the overhead bins on the plane and she was very grateful.

Within a few minutes Abby and I plunged into a long conversation about places

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American poor, the gospel and theories of social justice

I was raised American poor. I call it American poor because the brand of poverty I lived through pales in comparison to some of the 3rd world poverty I've seen firsthand in India, Colombia and El Salvador. But, by United States standards, my family was poor.

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Sex Trafficking and "The Church Lady"

They call Margaret "the church lady." Who are they? Victims of sex trafficking who've been rescued by her in Lubbock, Texas. And while she's nothing like the old Saturday Night Live character played by Dana Carvey ("Well, isn't that special?"), she definitely seems like your typical southern-drawled Sunday Schoolteacher from Texas.

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Why evangelism is hard (but necessary)

I have been leading a ministry called "Dare 2 Share" for the last twenty years or so. During that timeframe we've had the privilege of inspiring and equipping a half million teenagers to share their faith. We truly believe that, because 85% of those who trust in Jesus do

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Shane (of Shane and Shane) shares why he shares (the gospel)

I had the privilege of traveling with Shane and Shane during the Dare 2 Share Un Tour. These guys are awesome. I remember doing an event with them in Lubbock, Texas for 40 teenagers like 12 years ago and they are still hard at it.

At an event we

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How to share the gospel with an atheist

Last week I sat next to James on a flight from St. Louis to Denver. As we talked the subject turned to spirituality and religion. I confessed that I was a preacher and he confessed he was an atheist. What unfolded on the rest of the flight was a deep,

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Starbucks = Jacob's Well?

Two days ago at The Exponential Conference Pastor @derwinlgray said, "I do a lot of my work in Starbucks because that is the modern-day Jacob’s Well."

Agreed D. Gray! In the 1st Century going to the well to fetch your water was a daily occurrence. It was a placewhere people could hang out and talk, where neighbors and family could catch up, where strangers could make friends.

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