Turn up the gospel heat in your youth group

"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth." Revelation 3;15,16

In this passage Jesus is telling the church of Laodicea that they need to turn the temperature up when it comes to their passion for him. What was true of the Laodicean believers when it came to their love for Jesus is true of the typical youth group when it comes to their passion for the  gospel. Most need to turn up the heat.

But how do you do that? After decades of working with youth groups across the nation I've identified three ways to turn up the heat when it comes to the gospel!

1.  Take your temperature.

We're always getting our temperatures taken these days (thanks to the pandemic!) Whoever invested in touchless thermometers a year ago must be thrilled with their profit margins today. Why? Because a high fever is one of the first signs you may have COVID!

A high gospel temperature is also one of the first signs of revival in a youth group. When teenagers are on fire for the gospel the heat of transformation just radiates across a youth room in amazing ways.

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Join a global movement of evangelism happening every day in the month of May!

What if believers around the world committed to share Jesus in the month of May? What if a movement of prayer combined with a mobilization for evangelism lead to the charge for the largest global harvest in the history of the church? What if believers from every race and every denomination would UNITE together to IGNITE a movement to FIGHT for every last soul?

That's exactly what is happening every day in the month of May as a result of Go2020!

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How to move from doing events to triggering Movements

Events are part of youth ministry. Your Wednesday night or Sunday night (or whenever weekly meeting) is an event. The retreats you do, camps you coordinate and conferences/concerts you take your teenagers to are events.

And there's nothing necessarily wrong with events. But, if these events aren't triggering movement toward spiritual growth in the hearts of our teenagers then we may need to do some re-thinking, re-imagining and re-tooling.

Here are a few questions to consider when leading/doing/attending events with and for your teenagers:

1).  Will this event inspire my teens to serve Jesus more passionately?

I have a youth pastor friend named Mr. Bill who has a simple grid for any and every youth group event: "Will this help my teenagers know Jesus and make him known?" If not, then it's off his grid and off the youth group calendar.

Don't get me wrong. Mr. Bill and his youth group have fun, play games, do events and reek all sorts of typical-youth-ministry havoc. But, behind it all, there is a deeper purpose. And he drives everything about the event toward his teens knowing Jesus more deeply and making him known more widely.

He calls the unbelievers to believe and challenges the believers to fall in love with Jesus and tell others about him. It's woven into the fabric of each one of his events.

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3 Signs the Next Great Awakening has begun

I've always been a student of revival.

Since I was a teenager I have studied revivals and spiritual awakenings with a voracious appetite. I have scoured books about them and have listened to sermons on them, looking for the keys to revival, longing to be a part of the next great move of God on earth.

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Top 10 Reasons why your church should be a satellite site for Dare 2 Share Live!

On October 13th, 2018 we are anticipating 100+ churches from across the nation (we already have 86!) to be satellite sites for Dare 2 Share LIVE! We fully anticipate 20,000+ teenagers being inspired, equipped and unleashed in a single day to share the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of their friends through social media and face-to-face conversations.

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The Sizzle and Steak of Revival

Every great revival has both sizzle and steak. The sizzle is the rally point for the revival, the shock and awe of an event or a moment that captures attention, imaginations and hearts. 

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A Cure for Racism

 "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."  Galatians 3:28

I was raised in an all white family in the middle of a mostly Mexican neighborhood. At the time, North Denver was in the top high-crime rate areas of our city. And my family members were right in the thick of it.

Growing up I heard countless stories and witnessed tons of "situations" that ended in some kind of bloodshed. My family was notoriously violent, so much so, that the Denver mafia nicknamed my five uncles "the crazy brothers."

So racism was real growing up in North Denver. For my family it was "us" verses "them." And the result was extreme violence, shed blood and intense hatred.

But then Jesus came in and changed everything.

A southern-drawled preacher from the suburbs nicknamed "Yankee" came to the toughest and angriest one of my uncles (Uncle Jack) and led him to Christ. That was the beginning point of his transformation!

My Uncle Bob came fully to Christ in the back of a squad car after beating a guy to death (they eventually resuscitated him.) And on and on the story goes.

Over the period of a few years most of my very large, very loud family put their faith in Jesus. Although I was a child when most of this happened, I remember watching the transformation of my family members as a result of the Gospel message.

That's when the Holy Spirit began to go to work on my family members. As they grew closer to Jesus the slime of racism (and other sins for that matter) began to get scrubbed away.

Soon my family members were side by side in church with their Latino brothers and sisters in Christ. It took time. It was messy. There were slip ups. But the trajectory of their transformation from racism to love was shockingly obvious to me and to everyone who truly knew my family.

So what are the implications of all this? Simply that the cure to racism in our hearts is Jesus and the cure to racism on our streets is the church.

Only Jesus can replace the hatred of racism with true and deep love for those who are not like us and those we may not like. The Gospel changes everything.

What is the Gospel? It's simply the message that God created us to be with him and that our sins separate us from God. Those sins cannot be removed by good deeds. So paying the price for sin Jesus died and rose again. Everyone who trusts in him alone has eternal life and this life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever.

If you have never put your faith in Jesus do so right now. It will change your destiny and transform your heart. It will give you the divine power to eradicate racism and every other "ism" in your life (i.e. hedonism, selfism, etc.)

The second part of the cure is, not for our hearts, but for our streets. It's the church mobilized to gospelize.

The church is God's change agent for the neighborhood. It was a church that reached into my hood and rescued my family, discipled my family, equipped my family and then unleashed my family back to the streets...but this time on a redemptive mission.

And our churches must learn how to increasingly reflect the multi-ethnic world we are living in. This is what they did in the early church, especially in the church of Antioch (Acts 11:19-26.)

The church of Antioch had Jews and Gentiles side-by-side, working together to advance God's kingdom. As my buddy Derwin Gray said, "In all of human history, there has never been so much animosity, hatred, and violence between two groups of people as there has been between the Jew and the Gentile. But God birthed a group of people on the planet who He recreated in His eternal Son Jesus to transcend this racial hostility, injustice, and oppression. He did this by means of Jesus’ death on the cross so that our hostility toward each other was put to death."

The people in our churches must be inspired, equipped and unleashed to share this message across the street, across the tracks and across the world. And I'm convinced the teenagers in our churches can help lead the way!

That's why on September 23rd we are doing Dare 2 Share Live, a live simulcast event that will broadcast into 72 churches across the United States! Our prayer is that, on a single day, we will be able to mobilize a force of teenagers who will be inspired, equipped and then unleashed to go out into their cities to show and share the love of Jesus! We have venues from South Chicago to Puerto Rico to Los Angeles to Fairbanks, Alaska that will be launching points for city-wide Gospel transformation!

Dare 2 Share Live will be the church unleashed to transform cities across America one Gospel conversation at a time. Our goal is to replace hate with love, to exchange racism for redemption and to tear down walls and build bridges.

Join us in prayer at 9:23 everyday that Dare 2 Share Live is used by God to be a rally point for revival. Pray that tens of thousands are unleashed that day to bring transformational unity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

May the Gospel of Jesus Christ scrape every last shred of racism out of our hearts. Let's start sharing this message across the street, across the tracks and across the world! Only through the Gospel can racism be cured!

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4 reasons I'm convinced we're on the verge of the next Great Awakening

I have been a student of sweeping revivals and massive spiritual awakenings since I was in elementary school. Maybe it was how the Gospel transformed my very tough, very urban family from a gang of fist fighters to a group of street preachers almost over night. Maybe it was the youth ministry that gave me a vision beyond the four walls of our church to a world that was in desperate need for spiritual awakening. But, for whatever reason, I've always been drawn to find the "secrets" of what made revivals of the past work.

Great preachers like DL Moody, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Charles Spurgeon, Hudson Taylor, William Booth and Jonathan Edwards have always captivated me. I've read their sermons, searched their books and scoured their lives to find the strands of Divine DNA that made the spiritual awakenings, they were all a part of, so massively effective and powerful.

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Why millennials are leaving the church in droves

Yet another study shows that millennials are leaving the church in droves. The question that haunts me is "Why?"

I have a theory and it's this…millennials (those born between the early 80s and early 2000s) are yearning for purpose, community and authenticity. Unfortunately, they aren't finding it in the typicalchurch. It's interesting that this is exactly what the early church provided.

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Are claims of going to heaven and coming back a bunch of malarkey?

This week Alex Malarkey claimed that he did NOT go to heaven and come back. In a letter he admitted that his eyewitness testimony of what heaven is like in the book "The Boy who came back from Heaven" was a bunch of, well, malarkey.

Kudos to this young

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