A Case for Short Prayers

"Lord save me!" was Peter's short prayer when he began sinking into the waves. A water-walking Savior saved him in a mili-second. If Peter's prayer had been a syllable longer he'd have been sleeping with the fishes.

What's true of Peter is true of us. Sometimes we need to shout out

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7 ways to make prayer a bigger priority in your life and ministry

I just had the privilege of preaching at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Indianapolis. Well, preaching may be an overstatement. It was more of a interactive prayer exercise with me leading the "teaching part", Propaganda doing spoken word, Shane and Shane leading worship and 3,000 youth leaders actually praying.


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Prayer is the worry substitute

"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything...." Philippians 4:6

Prayer is the worry substitute. Embracing and applying this principle has helped me immensely in my personal life. When facing a daunting challenge it has reminded me to reverse the direction of my thoughts from earthward to heavenward. It has

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Where do you go to pray?

So where do you go to

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10 ways to make intercessory prayer a bigger priority in your youth ministry

1. Go on a prayer walk for 30 minutes every week. Spend time interceding on behalf of every teen in your group and revival on every school they represent.

2. Take time in your actual meeting for intercessory prayer. Cut a song or game or two and add in

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10 lame excuses for not praying

1. "I'm too busy!" (Jesus had a packed ministry schedule but he made time to pray.)
2. "I don't know how to do it right." (How about just try talking to God like you would a friend?)
3. "It doesn't work anyway." (That's not how Jesus or the early

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Top 10 misconceptions about intercessory prayer

1. It is only for little old ladies.
2. It can only be done when we are feeling super godly.
3. It doesn't really change situations (God's going to do what he's going to do anyway, right?)
4. It doesn't really change us.
5. It is only for pastors.

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Samuel Chadwick on Prayer

"Go back! Back to that upper room; back to your knees; back to searching of heart and habit, thought and life; back to pleading, praying, waiting, till the Spirit of the Lord floods the soul with light, and you are endued with power from on high. Then go forth in

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3 ways to make prayer a priority in your ministry

Over the last three years or so prayer has been becoming an obsession in my life and ministry. The financial tsunami that swept across America in October of 2008 swept across many non-profit ministries too. It especially affected ministries, like Dare 2 Share (the ministry which I lead), that

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Let us pray!

Without prayer we will never see true revival in our churches and real transformation in our communities. The key is prayer...real, raw, rigorous prayer!

Prayer changes us and changes things. It changes us by emptying us of our egocentric self-reliance and filling us with faith in a God we cannot

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