The 3 Big Benefits of online church VS attending church in person

Our family normally attends Red Rocks Church here in the great state of Colorado. But, for the last few months, "attending" has been "logging in" and watching the church services online.

While there are some churches in our state that have started to meet in person again (with limited numbers), our church has chosen to continue to meet online for awhile longer. After all, online viewership is through the roof!

Of course, there's nothing like meeting together as a church family. From fellowship in the lobby to worship in the sanctuary to going out for lunch afterwards to gathering together during the week for small group, there's something about the in-room experience that can never be truly and fully duplicated online.

But, instead of whining about what we miss attending in-person church services, the Stier family has chosen to play the advantages of experiencing church online.

Here are three Big Benefits of attending church online:

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"Hell Yeah!"

Yesterday I did the memorial service for my Uncle Jack who just went to be with the Lord last week. Uncle Jack was not a man to be trifled with, especially before he came to Christ. As the picture below clearly shows he looks like a beefed up version of The Wolverine.

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5 reasons we take a family vacation every year

Our bags have been packed and we are waiting for our ride to the airport. Once there we will fly to Vegas to hang out with our dear family friends from Switzerland (and see some kind of cirque du soleil show) before we make the 4.5 hour drive to San Diego to have our "official" family vacation.

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10 lessons I'm learning from being the parent of a teenager

1.  It's not as easy as it looks on paper.

I had parenting all figured out before I had kids. I watched the videos, read the books and even preached a few sermons on it. Then my wife and I had children and all but a handful of key principles blew away like dust (from the top of a teen boy's desk) in the wind.

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Congratulations to Debbie Bresina on 20 years at Dare 2 Share!

I'll never forget when Debbie came into the church office where I used to pastor and asked me if there was any way she could volunteer. Knowing that she had a marketing background I told her, "The church is doing fine but I need your help with this youth ministry thing I'm trying to get off  the ground." 

Debbie volunteered for two years and then came on staff with Dare 2 Share. She was recently promoted to President and has been doing an outstanding job alligning our ministry for growth. Here's a little video one of our team members put together to celebrate 20 years at Dare 2 Share...


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How to #Gospelize a Cruise Ship

I'm at SeaTac airport with my family as I type these words. We've all eaten too much, stayed up too long and laughed too hard. We cruised from Seattle to Skagway and stopped several places in between. I've been all over the world but these stops may be some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Suffice it to say that a cruise to Alaska is both awe and "ahh!" inspiring.

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I miss you mom

This is the 11th Mother's Day I've celebrated without my mom. She went to be with the Lord after a painful battle against cancer. My mom was a tough and tender lady. She was so tough that many people couldn't see past it. But those who knew her best saw

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I was the dirty, little family secret

Two days before I was slated to fly into Youth Specialties Sacramento eight years ago I received the weirdest e-mail I have ever received. It went something like, "Is your dad Toney Woods? If so I think I may be your sister!"

I remembered the strange spelling of my biological

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How "The Fredrick Factor" can open up evangelistic opportunities

On the way home from Universal Studios with my family on Friday night we encountered a one-of-a-kind shuttle driver. His name was Fredrick. He was great, not because of the quality of his driving, but because his entertainment skills and over-the-top love of life.

He took a bunch of rain-soaked,

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My daughter's way of explaining the GOSPEL

This summer, while waiting for a train with my family, I helped my daughter memorize the GOSPEL acrostic that we developed for teenagers at Dare 2 Share. It is comprised of six simple sentences that sum up the message of the Bible and the good news of Jesus:

God created

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