What the making of the movie Rocky can teach youth leaders about getting a vision accomplished in spite of the odds against them

The movie Rocky captures the spirit of a lone fighter with the odds stacked against him who prevails in the end. What's interesting about this film is that the same caliber of courage depicted by Rocky is what it took to actually make the movie.

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My Review of The Case for Christ Movie (Spoiler Alert: I loved it!)

I'm an evangelist, an author and a movie buff. I love Jesus, the Gospel and a really good movie.

Ever since I was a kid I used movies to escape the noise of my very loud, very volatile inner city family. When a Gospel-passionate, rule-heavy fundamentalist church reached my entire family for Christ I still watched movies as a way to escape the pressure of quasi-legalism. 

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Why I'm sending a group of teens to the "I'm Not Ashamed" movie (and why  you should too!)

This weekend the Rachel Scott story is unpacked in the emotionally riveting and spiritually challenging I'm Not Ashamed movie

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My Review of the "I am Not Ashamed" movie

Every once in a while, a Christian movie comes along that simply must be seen. The reason this kind of movie must be taken seriously is not because of the special effects, a production budget that is in the tens of millions of dollars or the fact that it is packed and stacked with the trendiest, flavor-of-the-day Hollywood actors. No, this brand of movie must be seen because it tells a powerful story with compelling characters leading to a powerful and potentially life-transforming reaction.

I Am Not Ashamed is one of those movies.

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Do you have the Batman or Superman view of Jesus?

The Deity and Humanity of Jesus can be tricky theological subjects. From the time Jesus ascended into the clouds there have been differing opinions about just who Jesus actually was. Even today there are two prevalent views of Jesus that pervade the landscape. To put in another way, some have a Superman view of Jesus and others have a Batman view.

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Dear Hollywood,

Hey, how are you. Sorry I've not written earlier. You know how things get, especially around the holidays.

Take a deep breath and don't be nervous. This letter is not to confront you but to help you understand one of your newer target audiences...evangelical Christians.

I am a theologically conservative Christ

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10 reasons I thought the Exodus movie was lame

My wife and I just got back from our Dare 2 Share staff party. We all met at a restaurant for food and fellowship then drove over to a movie theater to watch the much anticipated Exodus movie.

While the staff party was fun, the movie itself was

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10 ways The Avengers are an example for the church

1. They are hard to get together but when they do people get saved (Philippians 1:27.)
2. They thrive on diversity (Galatians 3:28.)
3. Bruce Banner has an indwelling, unstoppable power that he can unleash at any time (Ephesians 6:10.)
4. Iron Man has impenetrable suit of armor andmaximizes it (Ephesians 6:13.)

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My take on the movie Divided

How did I feel about Divided? Mixed, split and, well, divided! This surprisingly well filmed documentary follows the journey of one young man on a “quest” to discover what’s gone wrong with youth ministry and how to fix it.

It quickly identifies one of the major reasons for youth

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To Save a Life (or "The Death of Cheesy Christian Movies")

You may think that I'm going to go off on the upcoming To Save a Life movie as one of those Christian movies whose budget, cinematography standards, plot and acting have been, well, left behind. But I'm not.

Whatever giants the makers of this movie may have been facing this

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