Free Evangelism Training Curriculum and Tools for your youth group and entire church!

I am so excited to announce a partnership with Life Church Open Network to provide some of Dare 2 Share's best sermons, youth ministry curriculum and training videos free of charge! Open Network is open handed and we are thrilled to join them in helping to resource youth ministries and churches to share the hope of Jesus with a hurting world!

What does this mean for youth leaders? It means you can take your teenagers through our Life in 6 Words: The Gospel Explored series at no charge! This series won Outreach Magazine's Top Youth Ministry Resource Award a few years back and is now available to you and your teens at no cost!

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"One a Day In May"...The GO2020 Super Challenge

What if there were one billion gospel conversations around the world in the month of May? What if tens of millions of believers would unite to ignite a Gospel Advancing Movement one conversation at a time?

This is exactly what the creators of Go2020 are praying, planning and pushing for throughout the month of May and beyond. Go2020 is an amazing evangelistic campaign that is fueling a God-honoring, Gospel Advancing, church-uniting, denomination-aligning,  multi-ethnic, faith-sharing movement happening in over 140 countries around the world!

The goal for the United States is to trigger one hundred million gospel conversations led by ten million believers! My good friend Dave Gibson is the North American Director of Go2020USA and he is passionate about seeing this nation saturated with the hope of Jesus by mobilizing believers to share the gospel.

Dave and I were talking with each other this week and came up with an idea...what if that there was a movement within the movement? What if there were a core group of believers who wanted to lead the way for this global movement by taking, what he has nicknamed, The Go2020 Super Challenge?

What's this challenge? It's two fold:

1.  Having a gospel conversation once a day in the month of May.

Would you consider taking this "super challenge"? Imagine the potential impact!

By May 31st (which happens to be Pentecost Sunday) those who take this challenge will have had at least 31 gospel conversations! Yes, this is a big commitment, and, no, it's not for everyone. But Dave Gibson and I believe that if we can get enough believers taking this next level challenge it will inspire every believer to, at the minimum, step up their evangelistic game.

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How to help your teens overcome their fears of the Coronavirus pandemic

Everybody's freaking out.

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The Game Changing App for Teen Evangelism you've been waiting for

Imagine if you could give the teens in your youth group an app that made sharing the Gospel both easy and engaging.

Imagine if this app could remind them to pray for, care for and share the good news of Jesus with their unreached friends, classmates, teammates and family members.

Imagine your teens using it to form or join faith sharing groups for accountability and encouragement when it comes to reaching their friends for Christ.

Imagine this app helping to raise the temperature for evangelism and discipleship in your youth group like never before

Well imagine no more. This app is now available for free on the app store. It's just the app you've been waiting for to help get your teens to "dare to share" the hope of Jesus clearly and confidently.

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Increase your teens' Biblical Fluency with the "Streetlights Bible" App

 It's hard to get teenagers to read their Bibles on a regular basis. I know because I have two of them. And, while mine are quasi-good at staying consistent with their time int he Word, they both have room to improve.

Some of it is because of technology. Teenagers are so used to interacting with their smart phones that a dumb thing often happens...reading the Word gets shuffled to the bottom of the priority deck.

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Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Check out the SALT curriculm that equips teenagers to

 engage their friends in Gospel Conversations.

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Pray that this new film series SHINES!!!

One day I woke up and realized, "Hey, we are Dare 2 Share and we have never filmed our own evangelism training curriculum!"

Sure, we filmed Gospel Journey and Gospel Journey Maui, both reality series that show Zane Black and yours truly sharing

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How to use the Life in 6 Words app

The Life in 6 Words app is designed for Christians to walk yet-to-be-reached people through in a simple, fun and interactive way. You just have them choose which 6 words that describes their lives and then push "Next" on the screen. You can then ask them why they chose

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Perhaps the funniest "Share your Faith" video ever made...

Although this video was made years ago, and I've seen it scores of times, it still makes me laugh...

I love Derwin Gray (aka "The Evangelism Linebacker") He is the best…although I wouldn't want to make him

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Announcing our brand new evangelistic app: Life in 6 Words

I am so excited to announce the release of our brand new evangelistic app called "Life in 6 Words." Based on the Gospel video produced by Dare 2 Share and delivered with astonishing excellence by Propaganda, this app is simple, clear and very easy to use.

How it works

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