Only the Gospel can obliterate racism

I'm no stranger to racism. In the 70's the animosity many of my family members had toward Hispanics in our North Denver neighborhood was palpable. It often boiled over into fights, complete with fists, bats, knives and, yes, at times, guns. My body-building, bad-to-the-bone uncles were ready to deal with

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10 things I would tell you as a first time visitor to your church

As a "traveling evangelist" I've had the privilege of preaching in churches from coast to coast. And, until I have the microphone on over my ear, most people have no clue that I'll be the preacher that day, so most treat me like a first time visitor. Over the course

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Youth leaders, multi-ethnic ministry and evangelism

After reading Derwin Gray's blog called "#Ferguson: Why we need more multi-ethnic churches" I was impacted, emotionally, theologically and through a flood of memories. I couldn't help but reflect on the youth ministry that reached my family for Jesus growing up. It was as diverse as any youth ministry

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Holy Sweat! 3 reasons church leaders should get in shape (the remix)

Just read an excellent post from Thom Rainer called, "Confessions of an Obese Christian." It jogged my memory of a health related post I wrote in 2012 about the importance of ministry leaders getting in and staying in shape. In a month full of resolutions that swirl around losing

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Foyer secrets revealed (sorry pastors!)

What I'm about to tell you could put me on some ministry hit lists. I could get beaten with hymnals, immersed in the baptismal (for a little too long) or Bible-whipped across my jaw. I'm about to share with you a few of the subtle "tricks" some pastors use in

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My 5 part process for writing books

I just finished two days of brainstorming and preparation for a new book I'm working on with Dr. Alvin Reid. It's gonna be a fun one to co-write and I believe it could really benefit youth leaders.

Over the last 12 years I've been privileged to write/co-write 14 books and

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This guest blog is from my new friend, Kyle Cantrell. He is the worship leader at Falls Creek this week as well as Associate Pastor of Worship at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. Kyle read my blog called "Confessions of a frustrated preacher (when it comes to

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Confessions of a frustrated preacher (when it comes to worship leaders)

Looking at my watch once again I'm wondering how many stanzas the worship leader is going to sing this time. Scrolling through my mind are thoughts like, "I have 30 minutes to preach this sermon and this music is slicing into my time" and "Hey bro, quit circling the airport

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How to spot a legalist

Legalists are tricky creatures. They slither in the side doors of churches, sign up to lead Bible studies and fill the minds of once joyous believers with rules and requirements of what it "really means" to become a Christian. Ask them how a person is saved and they'll say, "By

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How Moses turned into a GREAT leader (and how you can too!)

As you scan the records of history there are few leaders who measure up to Moses. Who else could lead 2 1/2 million complaining and carnal Israelites out of Egypt and across a blazing hot desert for 40 years without imploding?

What a lot of Christians may not know is that

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