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The Anchored Leadership Conference: a tough (but necessary) conversation regarding this sexually confused generation

Posted by Greg Stier on May 19, 2018 1:33:32 PM

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For years I avoided having the tough LGTBQ conversation because it seemed a bit out of my zone. My focus as the leader of Dare 2 Share is mobilizing teenagers to share the Gospel in a loving, clear and effective way to, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, anyone and everyone. But I've come to realize that this subject is too big and too important to avoid any longer.


Many Christian teenagers, youth leaders and pastors are struggling with how to deal with the complicated LGBTQ issue in a grace-filled, honest and truthful way. Swirling around in our minds are questions like...

  • "How do we deal with the LGBTQ issue without compromising our Christian convictions?"
  • "How do we share the Gospel to the next generation without it coming off as 'hate speech'?"
  • "How do we help Christian teens who are struggling with these issues in their own lives?"
  • "How do we do it in a way that is loving, truthful and effective?" 

A month or so ago I wrote an article that laid out some of my thoughts on these questions more clearly. It's called How to help teens deal with LGBTQ issues. If you read it you'll get a clear sense of where I'm at on these subjects...and why.

Jonathan McKee recently decided to launch  The Anchored Leadership Conference to enable pastors, church leaders and youth leaders help their young people deal with these issues. Sean McDowell and your's truly will be speaking at this event (in Orange County on November 2nd, 3rd) along with him. Our three general sessions will be: 

1)  Anchored in Christ as our identity (McKee will teach this session.)

2)  Anchored in Scripture as our authority (McDowell will teach this session.)

3)  Anchored in love as a community (Yours truly will teach this session.)

There will be panels and interaction to help facilitate a healthy conversation on this subject. It will be both Biblical and practical. It will be open and honest. It will be drenched in "hope speech" not "hate speech". 

The Gospel changes lives. The Gospel changes everything (Romans 1:16.) And we must preach this good news to each other and to a watching world...knowing that it will transform all of us who believe from the inside out.

Check out the Anchored Leadership Conference and join us for this tough, but necessary, conversation. There is special pricing if you buy registration before the end of the month so sign yourself and your leadership team up right away because space is limited!

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