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My Prayer for Texas

Posted by Greg Stier on Aug 29, 2017 3:02:47 PM

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Dear Father,

I pray for the people of Houston and all the surrounding areas in Texas which were impacted by the Hurricane. They are being flooded with water. Please flood them with your provision. They have been overwhelmed with destruction. Please overwhelm them with your presence. They are being wrecked by the weather. May they be restored by your love.


Bless the rescuers, those who are braving the high waters with boats and boots to save the infirmed, the trapped, the old, the young, the weak and the injured. They remind us of your Son who was willing to wade waist deep into the swirling sin of humanity to save us from our sin and rescue us through his death on the cross.

Raise up the churches to be lighthouses of hope in a cityscape covered by the darkness of rain-filled clouds. Raise up the believers to reach out their hands and open up their hearts and homes to those who have been displaced. 

Give the President of the United States wisdom to lead, the Governor of Texas strength to serve and the Mayor of Houston resources to respond. Use this horrible weather to unify our nation around our founding principles of independence and interdependence, of unity and diversity, of courage and love.

May the city of Houston and the people of Texas set an example of how to deal with tragedy. May the "Don't mess with Texas" motto be shouted out as a defying call to the powers of darkness that, through God's grace, they will not overcome. The state of Texas will blaze together toward recovery.

May the buildings be rebuilt. May the houses be restored. May the injured be healed. And may this broken nation be bound back together by the resilient example of the great state of Texas.

In Jesus' Name I pray,


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