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Calling all youth leaders to bring all their teenagers to Winter Jam

Posted by Greg Stier on Jan 4, 2019 9:28:38 AM

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In just a week the notorious Zane Black and yours truly will be hitting the road with Winter Jam. Crazy good artists like Newsboys United, Hollyn, Mandisa, Rend Collective, Ledger, Danny Gokey, Newsong and many others, will light up the stage with their amazing sets and God-glorifying, Jesus-honoring, Spirit-fueled music.

Don't worry, Zane and I won't be singing (on stage anyway), but one of us will be in each city for two very specific purposes. And this gets to the heart of why I'm calling all youth leaders to bring all their teenagers to Winter Jam this year!

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1.  The Gospel will be given clearly!

One of the things I love about Winter Jam is that it is run by, what I love to call "Gospel Guys." In the Christian music industry I've often experienced the opposite. Too many tours, festivals and events are all about
the money, money, money and not the ministry, ministry, ministry. 

But the men who lead Winter Jam are all about the Gospel being given to everyone who shows up at the arena. Sure they have to charge a little (a suggested donation of $15/person) but the reason these men are doing Winter Jam is because they want to see the Lord glorified, the lost justified and the devil horrified. 

Again, they are Gospel guys.

Zane and I are Gospel guys too. We have been traveling together for the last 14 years doing Dare 2 Share conferences, Lead THE Cause events and, most recently, Dare 2 Share Live. And at every event we do, we make it our goal to lay out the Gospel as clearly as possible (Colossians 4:4.)

As George Whitfield once said, "Many can preach the Gospel better, but no one can preach a better Gospel." In each city of the Winter Jam Tour one of us will give the gospel to the thousands upon thousands in attendance and an opportunity for those who say "yes" to Jesus to respond publicly.

Again, we're both sticklers when it comes to making sure the Gospel is clear and that the invitation is compelling (and non-manipulative.) So bring all your teens. Bring the saved, unsaved, apathetic and pathetic :) Our prayer is that the unbelievers will believe and that the believers will be encouraged! 

But there's another reason to bring all your teens to Winter Jam.

2.  A 48 Hour Challenge will be given strategically.

Everyone attending Winter Jam this tour will be challenged to share their faith with someone God puts on their heart. They'll be challenged to do this in the next 48 hours after attending Winter Jam.

Why 48 hours? Because studies show that if you don't do what you've been equipped to do within 48 hours you'll never do it! Why 48 hours? Because Christians are notorious for hearing the Word and not putting it into practice!

When I met with the leaders of Winter Jam a year or so ago, I encouraged them to think of the "evangelist's segment" in the lineup as a time to give the Gospel and challenge every believer in the room to give the Gospel.

And they fully agreed!

That's why we at Dare 2 Share are honored to work together with Winter Jam to mobilize hundreds of thousands of believers in 44 cities to, not only gather and "jam" to the music during the event but to scatter and share the Gospel afterward.

We believe that those who attend Winter Jam this year will be energized and mobilized to gospelize this nation for Christ. Think of an army that numbers in the hundreds of thousands being unleashed to share the Gospel back in their spheres of influence! It could lead to revival!

Zane and I will won't just be challenging the audience to share the Gospel, we will be giving them a simple tool to do it!

That's why you need to bring ALL YOUR TEENAGERS to Winter Jam this year! For some of you that means a road trip. For others, that means a short trip. But don't wait for Winter Jam to share your faith. Go ahead and download our free faith-sharing app right now and mobilize your teenagers to share the Gospel right away. Then have them bring the friends they are telling about Jesus to Winter Jam...and we will all have a party with a purpose together!

Pray with us and for us as we travel to 44 cities starting next week. Winter Jam is an amazing tour with amazing artists (and two run-of-the-mill preachers who don't have much going for them except the power of the Gospel of Christ...which is more than enough!)

We can't wait to see you and all your teens at Winter Jam!

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