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Would you rather...

Posted by Greg Stier on Apr 29, 2013 3:13:14 AM

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Every once in awhile I'll play my own daddy version of the "Would you rather..." game with my kids. It's built on crazy scenario options like "Would you rather eat a chocolate covered worm or a slice of moldy bread?" It's fun to watch my kids struggle through this process of deciding between two less-than-appealing options.

This morning, as I was thinking about this, I wondered how many Christians (myself included) tend to choose the worst of two options. But in our "Would you rather" game we have one okay option and one way-way-better option. Sadly and too often, we choose the worst option.

Don't believe me? Let's play!

Would you rather...

Read a book written by the latest, trendy Christian writer or study the book written by God himself?

Share your faith with a stranger or support an evangelist financially to take care of the dirty work?

Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps spiritually or walk in a daily declaration of dependence on Jesus?

Give 10% of your income to God or give 100% of everything you own to Him?

Go to church every time the doors are open or be the church everywhere you go?

Take someone through a Bible study on mercy or take someone out to serve the poor (and share the gospel of course!)

Drive with humility and deference to others or put a Christian bumper sticker on your car but drive like you want (ouch!)

Go on a short-term mission trip or be an everyday missionary everywhere you go?

Talk about Jesus with other Jesus followers or talk about Jesus with your unbelieving neighbors?

Point made. Excuse me for pulling the beam out of my own eye and beating you for the speck in yours. May we choose the harder, better option...not to be accepted by God but because we are accepted by God!

What are some other "Would you rather..." questions that Christians could choose from?

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