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THE ROUNDTABLE: a free event for youth leaders who've been to Dare 2 Share

Posted by Greg Stier on Aug 25, 2014 2:07:29 AM

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roundtableBetween September and November Dare 2 Share will be hosting a roundtable event for youth leaders who've been to a Dare 2 Share conference at some time in the past. It will follow our youth leader training lunches (this one is called "Built for Boldness") and will go for 90 minutes.

This will NOT be a training time as much as it will be a highly interactive time of brainstorming, idea-sharing, praying and unpacking 7 core values of, what we have nicknamed, "Gospel Advancing Ministries."

These are the values we have seen present in the most effective youth ministries across the nation. These values were re-inforced in a large youth ministry research project we commissioned last summer.

Together we will briefly unpack these values but the majority of the time will be spent, well, at roundtables, where you and other youth leaders will speak into these values, identify which of these values you excel at and share your best practices, recommended resources and other ideas to drive these values deeply into the fabric of other youth ministries.

In addition here are a few other reasons to attend...

You'll have a blast. When youth leaders get in a room and start dreaming, praying, sharing and brainstroming together sparks fly and time flies. These 90 minutes will go fast.

You'll discover new ideas from other youth leaders in the trenches. I call them "zingers", one or two ideas you get from a meeting like this that will change the way you do youth ministry forever. Chances are you will walk away with a zinger (or two or three) that will help you do youth ministry more effectively in the future.

You'll be able to build relationships with other like-minded youth leaders in your region. My prayer is that life-long relationships will pop up

You'll speak into this important conversation. Doug Holliday, Executive Director of Sonlife North America, and your's truly will be facilitating the conversation. What we learn collectively from these events we will be collecting and sharing with other youth leaders across the nation. Quite honestly you will have the opportunity to help shape youth ministry in the area of evangelism for years to come.

You will be the first youth leaders in the nation (outside our Lead THE Cause youth leaders) to hear about 7 values of a Gospel Advancing Ministry. Not only will you be able to incorporate them into your youth ministry but you'll be able to discern what values may be missing or especially needed for your particular youth ministry context.

If you are interested in shaping your youth ministry and the future of youth ministry I hope to see you there.

Sign up for the training lunch here and then stay for the alumni roundtable.

See you then.

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