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The Future of Evangelism (an important conversation)

Posted by Greg Stier on Aug 21, 2014 11:24:59 PM

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People-talking-2Rick Lawrence, Carl Medearis and myself had a spirited and fun hour-long discussion on "the future of evangelism." Rick and the excellent team at Group Magazine edited these down into four engaging video pieces that are worth watching. This first video deals with the question "Is evangelism still relevant?"

This segment is called "Is evangelism still relevant?"

This segment is entitled, "When is someone evangelized?"

When Is Someone "Evangelized"? from Group Mission Trips on Vimeo.

"Pro-Jesus" or "Pro-Paul"

And, finally, "Teaching students how to engage"

By the way, if you're a youth leader who has been to a Dare 2 Share conference before I'd love to continue the evangelism conversation with you at our Built for Boldness training lunches (and alumni roundtable discussions to follow!) Sign up for this free event here! Join me in brainstorming, not just the future of evangelism, but how to build a youth ministry that passionately and effectively advances the Gospel.

Back to the videos...I'd love to hear your feedback!

*These videos were used by permission.

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