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Gospelize with Greg Stier: The Panel

In this month's episode of Gospelize, Greg sits down with three other youth leaders from around the country to talk about the life of youth ministry and how they are #Gospelizing their youth. In this part, we focus on how these leaders got where they are today. Gospelizing your youth ministry is necessary in order to mobilize your youth for the Gospel, so that every teen everywhere would hear the Gospel from a friend.

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4 Strategic Pivots we have made at Dare 2 Share in light of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Below is another guest blog by Dare 2 Share's President, Debbie Bresina. By the way, I'm so grateful for her leadership during this time. First of all, she has been prayer-fueled and fully dependent on the Spirit to guide. Secondly, she's been an excellent leader for our team. She constantly encourages and shepherds the staff at Dare 2 Share toward being fully at rest in Christ, while making strategic shifts that will exponentially "energize the Church to mobilize youth to Gospelize their world." Finally, she has really allowed me, as the Founder of the ministry, to spend way more time preaching, training, doing podcasts, Zoom calls and writing. I can't think of a better leader than she is and I praise God to have been working with her for 25 years now. Below is her excellent explanation of the shifts we have made as a ministry in light of the current pandemic. May these shifts inspire you to join the Gospel Advancing movement so that "every teen everywhere hears the gospel from a friend"... especially in light of the isolation and desperation many teenagers are feeling at this time of quarantine and shelter-in-place rules.

“Be still and know that I AM GOD…”

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Announcing Lead THE Cause Virtual!

This is an exciting announcement from Dare 2 Share's President, Debbie Bresina. In light of the current pandemic, we chose to make some radical shifts to our summer programming. But we believe that God will use these shifts, not only to inspire, equip and mobilize exponentially more teenagers, but to help us accelerate the spread of the gospel through technology even more effectively in the future. I can't wait to see what God is going to do through this unprecedented youth ministry event (Lead THE Cause Virtual) and I pray that you and all your teenagers will participate!

You don't have to cancel summer! Instead, join us in mobilizing a generation so that every teen everywhere hears the gospel from a friend!

Here's Debbie's exciting announcement:

Dear Youth Leaders, Parents, and Students –

As we have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic in the US these past few weeks, we have asked God for supernatural wisdom regarding our Lead THE Cause (LTC) 2020 summer plans. After much fasting, prayer, and discussions with our venue and ministry partners, we feel led to cancel all three of our LTC events for 2020.

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Introducing a Pandemic Proof way to share the Gospel

Introducing our newly updated, highly anticipated Life in 6 Words app! Through this app, you can not only share the gospel face-to-face (from 6 feet away:)), but you can also share it using the app's "audio story" functionality from the safety of your own home!

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We shall arise! (A poem of hope during this pandemic)

We shall arise!

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Moving Teens from Apathy to Action

Yesterday we did a fun training webinar for youth leaders called "From apathy to action." The basic premise was how to move your teenagers from being spiritually apathetic to being activated for God on every level.

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Gospelize with Greg Stier: Ongoing Programs Reflect It

In this month's episode of Gospelize, Greg is starting the seventh and final part of a series on how you can build a Gospel Advancing Ministry. In this part, we are focusing on the impact that ongoing programs have to advance the Gospel. Ongoing programs are necessary for the overall mission of our ministry and the Gospel.

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How to help your teens overcome their fears of the Coronavirus pandemic

Everybody's freaking out.

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How to move from doing events to triggering Movements

Events are part of youth ministry. Your Wednesday night or Sunday night (or whenever weekly meeting) is an event. The retreats you do, camps you coordinate and conferences/concerts you take your teenagers to are events.

And there's nothing necessarily wrong with events. But, if these events aren't triggering movement toward spiritual growth in the hearts of our teenagers then we may need to do some re-thinking, re-imagining and re-tooling.

Here are a few questions to consider when leading/doing/attending events with and for your teenagers:

1).  Will this event inspire my teens to serve Jesus more passionately?

I have a youth pastor friend named Mr. Bill who has a simple grid for any and every youth group event: "Will this help my teenagers know Jesus and make him known?" If not, then it's off his grid and off the youth group calendar.

Don't get me wrong. Mr. Bill and his youth group have fun, play games, do events and reek all sorts of typical-youth-ministry havoc. But, behind it all, there is a deeper purpose. And he drives everything about the event toward his teens knowing Jesus more deeply and making him known more widely.

He calls the unbelievers to believe and challenges the believers to fall in love with Jesus and tell others about him. It's woven into the fabric of each one of his events.

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Gospelize with Greg Stier: Biblical Outcomes Measure It

Our Sponsor:

In this month's episode of Gospelize, Greg is starting the sixth part of a seven-part series on how you can build a Gospel Advancing Ministry. In this part, we are focusing on the biblical outcomes of Jesus' ministry in order to grow our ministries to model it. Biblical Outcomes are necessary to focus on the overall mission of our ministry and the Gospel.

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Dare 2 Share LIVE - 10.10.2020

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