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Josh Griffin + me + "The Giant Wheel" = Tons of Fun

5 of the Biggest Myths in Youth Ministry

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The #1 Reason for youth ministry burnout

5 simple but effective ways of dealing with the naysayers in your ministry

The Christian School Dilemma: Producing Legalists, Hedonists or Activists

Discipling teens is more like playing pinball than going bowling

Awaken the sleeping giant by focusing on teenagers!

Marathons, Ministry, and the Power of Running Together

Evangelizing Now and Then

7 reasons you should consider taking your teenagers out to share the Gospel once a month or so

#GospelizeAfrica...7 lessons learned

The Anchored Leadership Conference: a tough (but necessary) conversation regarding this sexually confused generation

Never get used to the phrase "There's been another school shooting"

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My honest evaluation of Youth Pastor Summit

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Ferraris, evangelism and homeschoolers...out of the garage and onto the street!

The Death of "The Great Commission" 

What the church can learn from the  teen-led nationwide march for gun control

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...evangelize!

7 reasons churches don't grow

Who would win the Yoscars? (If youth ministry had it's own version of The Oscars)

7 lessons every Christian can learn from the life and legacy of Billy Graham

It's time to take a stand and fight for teenagers!

5 do's and don'ts to help Christian leaders guard their sexual purity

The Fight for Teens

How should Christians react to the latest school shooting?

Why church growth is going to be harder in the future

Top 10 Reasons why your church should be a satellite site for Dare 2 Share Live!

Helping kids THINK before they CLICK (guest post by Jonathan McKee)

How to help our teens deal with LGBTQ issues

The A,B,C's of reaching Generation Z

5 exciting changes happening at Lead THE Cause you should know about!

How to stop being a hamster in the ministry wheel

Out loud with words...the power of the "propositional" Gospel

Is your Gospel explicit enough?

5 Reasons I'm loving the "Read Scripture" app

Could 2018 be the year of the next Great Awakening? YES!

Burning ships, building greenhouses, going live and growing 2017 changed everything for Dare 2 Share

Flabby bodies, fat naps and the need for ministry leaders to get fit

If I were the Devil here's how I'd attack youth leaders

Sex crimes, moral failures and guarding yourself from becoming a statistic

You've been "marked to multiply!"

The Coming Persecution (and why we need it!)

The Radical Jesus Agenda

Give to Dare 2 Share on Giving Tuesday!

The Discipleship Advantage

7 Reasons why far too many youth ministries aren't thriving like they could (and should) be

5 Reasons why you need to make evangelism a serious priority in your youth ministry right away

Stop playing defense in youth ministry!

4 super simple & effective ways to become a better speaker

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Supercharge your youth group meeting by starting an argument

Bad Math...Why just planting more churches is not enough

We need more risk takers in youth ministry!

Big announcement: Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018 is on for October 13, 2018!

Gullible Christians and the real fake news

Helping your teenagers process the Las Vegas massacre

#LetsGOspelize! This ain't your momma's webinar

5 powerful takeaways from doing an unprecedented youth ministry event, Dare 2 Share Live!

The Teen's Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices (and why you should buy it for your teen)

The Sizzle and Steak of Revival

Shake it up!

10 Reasons why Dare 2 Share Live could be the most unique (and powerful) event your youth group will ever experience

5 Reasons I love Youth Ministry

Rallying in the aftermath of catastrophe!

Should we use the end times to inspire our teenagers to live for Christ?

My Prayer for Texas

7 ways NOT to bring the Gospel up during the solar eclipse

A Cure for Racism

Chucking seeds, training farmers and building greenhouses

#LetsGo! A hashtag that captures the heart of a movement

4 super effective ways to motivate spiritually apathetic teenagers

How to reach a billion teens with the Gospel

A Very Particular Set of Skills


Every Teen Everywhere!

WAKE UP CALL! 5 truths a church must wake up to so that revival can happen

"Hell Yeah!"

An interview with Moody Radio's Hannah Lynn on the impact of Dare 2 Share

7 Highlights from Lead THE Cause Chicago!

Refuse to lose your Gospel urgency!

Why? What? How? Now! This 4 step training process can help you teach any audience more effectively

Every Teen Everywhere

5 Humongous Youth Ministry Myths

4 reasons I'm convinced we're on the verge of the next Great Awakening

Dare 2 Share Live...Mobilizing teenagers for a spiritual awakening

A MUST WATCH: My personal interview with the cross-carrying, world-traveling, one-of-a-kind evangelist...Arthur Blessitt

If you're disillusioned with politics then do something about it

4 super effective ways to help graduating seniors keep (and advance) their faith in college!

What I learned from "crashing" The National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington DC

Dear Teenager, Are you buying the 5 terrible lies that can lead to suicide?

7 simple and surprising ways to help accelerate your teenagers' spiritual growth

Thirteen Reasons Why...suicide is the worst option

5 surprising reasons why reaching teens should be a big part of your church's outreach strategy

10 Ways to Ruin Easter

The Problem with Peacocks (arrogance can obliterate your ministry impact)

Let's Go! (Living out The Cause of Christ!)

The bullhorn, the mirror and the single biggest reason your youth ministry is not growing

Increase your teens' Biblical Fluency with the "Streetlights Bible" App

7 surprising benefits of equipping your teenagers to share the Gospel

Burning the ships (Why this is our last Dare 2 Share conference)

Frontliners, Backgrounders and Come-along-siders (to those who helped pull off 25 years of Dare 2 Share conferences!)

How to kill youth group drama

The Youth Ministry Box

Take the first step!

My Review of The Case for Christ Movie (Spoiler Alert: I loved it!)

My Top 10 Ministry Fails (both funny and serious)

Microwaves, Crockpots and Waiting on God

Keeping the Faith...4 practical ways to help teens keep their faith long after they graduate

7 simple ways to vastly improve your youth ministry program

A Case for Persuasion in Evangelism

Dear Pastor, Here are 5 things your youth leader wants (and needs) from you!

10 signs you're about to get fired as the youth pastor

GREAT IDEA! The "Lost and Found" wall from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky

10 Reasons I'll always be a diehard Denver Broncos fan

How to be a Starter on "Team Jesus"

10 reasons why I still believe in youth ministry (in spite of the haters)

"Use your words" (a case for verbally articulating the Gospel)

"I resolve..." (5 big mistakes I have made when making resolutions)

How 2017 can become your "BEST. YEAR. EVER.' in youth ministry!

Activate your generosity gene!

Reach out don't freak out (here's how!)

What Lead THE Cause does that Conferences never will

8 simple ways to get your teenagers sharing the Gospel right away

Dear Seminary Professor,

Are short-term mission trips a waste of time and money?

The Foolishness of Youth Ministry (and why it's vital!)


7 keys to exponentially increase your youth ministry impact

10 Ways NOT to share the Gospel this Thanksgiving

7 reasons I'm thankful for Mark Matlock and the impact he has made on youth ministry

How the word "post-truth" became the "word of the year" and what it means for evangelism

Does your youth ministry suffer from "the veneer of success"?

How the Trump win could actually make it harder to evangelistically engage the next generation (and what to do about it)

10 game changing habits every youth leader should cultivate

How to give a talk that rocks!

5 ways to survive the coming "Clown Apocalypse"

5 surprisingly simple reasons your church may not be growing

My love/hate relationship with life on the road

Why I'm sending a group of teens to the "I'm Not Ashamed" movie (and why  you should too!)

Youth Ministry needs a better kind of mission trip

10 super lame excuses for not sharing the Gospel

5 Reasons you and your team should attend the "Riding The Rhino" One Day event this year

10 Big, Biblical reasons Christian teenagers should just say "NO" to smoking marijuana

Dare 2 Share Live!

#FastingFridays: What will you give up so you can step up to pray for the next generation?

4 reasons you should stop complaining about the church and just go!

How can teens use SnapChat, Instagram and other social media platforms as peer-to-peer evangelism tools?

10 reasons you should start sharing your faith right away

3 keys to keeping your best adult volunteers over the long haul

Why the shocking message of the Gospel is our only hope for reaching an increasingly anti-Christian culture

25 milestones during 25 years of Dare 2 Share

Get buff! Get tough! Get out! (Joseph's 3 keys to sexual purity)

Why teenagers? A Case for the Importance of Youth Ministry

10 reasons we should love sharing the Gospel

3 lessons from Jesus on how to recruit the best youth ministry volunteers

A Candid Review of my first Global Leadership Summit experience

10 ways to amp up your sermon impact right away

A Teen Movement of Biblical Proportions

A 4 minute crash course in how to share the Gospel

10 reasons why being a youth pastor may be the best ministry job on the planet

5 reasons we take a family vacation every year

Real youth leaders NEVER leave youth ministry!

The Biggest Discipleship Myth in Youth Ministry

Why I believe Together 2016 could be a spark for a national revival

Pokémon Go Evangelism

My Review of the "I am Not Ashamed" movie

4 ways your youth ministry can help to stop racism in this nation

3 Dot Theology

7 ways NOT to share your faith on the 4th of July!

4 Things I LOVE about Creationfest

If I were the Devil...

How a bad hail storm just reminded me of the urgency of the Gospel

My 10 worst ministry mistakes

The 4 Traps of Youth Ministry

A New Tour and A New Chapter

10 warning signs you may be attending a legalist church

7 disciplines that help me survive the daily grind of ministry

A CASE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY...         5 reasons why #StuMin is more relevant now than ever

10 simple rules for sharing the Gospel effectively

Dear Youth Ministry Professor

No Jesus. No justice.

Is it wrong to use entertainment in youth ministry?

Dear Worship Leaders... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Is your Gospel as CLEAR as it should be? Take this simple test and see.

Practicing narrow-minded, open-hearted, love-drenched intolerance

Watch this webinar and jumpstart "gospelizing" your youth ministry!

The Surprising Secret to a Highly Effective Youth Ministry

Time to get REAL (a challenge to all the youth leaders who attended the Live It Up tour)

My 5 favorite memories from the Live it Up Tour! What are some of yours?

10 lessons I'm learning from being the parent of a teenager

What to do if your pastor is not on board with your youth ministry

Reach out DON'T freak out! 7 simple ideas to get your teens sharing their faith right away!

5 military leadership secrets that will help you become a more effective youth leader

Rethinking Evangelism (a short interview between Brian Aaby and yours truly from YS Idea Lab)

5 simple ways to improve your prayer life

The hidden danger in dropping Youth Ministry for a Family Ministry approach

5 ways to prevent Youth Ministry burnout

10 horrible spiritual segues you can use to bring Jesus up on Super Tuesday (but please don't!)

Fresh milk, full sponges and a simple way to improve your discipleship efforts

Do you have the Batman or Superman view of Jesus?

The Burning Ember Theory of Youth Ministry

The Greatest Threat to Your Youth Ministry

3 Keys to Ensuring Your Rock Star Youth Leaders Will Never Want to Leave - (part 2, guest post by Laura Loewen)

4 Steps to Recruiting Leaders (guest post by Laura Loewen)

4 warning signs your youth ministry may be headed for trouble (and what you can do about it!)

How to inspire apathetic teenagers

Bringing revival to the church sanctuary through the youth room

3 reasons you should give the Gospel in every sermon

With over 300,000 churches in America do we really need more church plants?

Did you recognize the Woman at the Well today?

5 Ways to Teach your Teens to Pray

Using "The (Donald) Trump Card" in Evangelism

The Root of the Answer to Every Great Humanitarian Crisis is...

Don't waste your life doing youth ministry

3 ways to KICKSTART your teenagers' spiritual growth in 2016

My Top 5 Viewed Blog Posts of 2015

7 New Year's Resolutions every youth leader should make

7 irresistable reasons to make a year-end gift to Dare 2 Share

5 simple ways to share Christ this Christmas

10 ways to guarantee a massive evangelistic #Fail

Are you 100% sure you are going to heaven when you die?

7 keys to pulling off a killer leadership retreat

The Gospel, gun control and how God wants to use his church to "fix this"

11 quick (but convincing) reasons you should give the Gospel in every youth talk


Flight Training for Teen Evangelism

10 reasons Christians should be the most thankful people on the planet

How to recruit the BEST volunteers for your youth ministry

Red cups, angry Christians and an extra shot of God's love

Congratulations to Debbie Bresina on 20 years at Dare 2 Share!

Greg, Zane and Dare 2 Share

10 ways NOT to share the Gospel on Halloween

Youth Ministry needs it's swagger back

A simple idea for making intercessory prayer a bigger part of your worship service

How to share Jesus with a cult member

10 reasons every youth leader should train their teenagers to share the Gospel

Unashamed of the Gospel!

Does Street Evangelism Really Work?

Mr. Bill and his disciple multpliers

What do we say to our teenagers in light of the most recent school shooting?

Gun control and the Gospel... responding to the #UCC school shooting in Oregon

10 sure fire ways to get fired (Lead Pastor edition)

Charles Spurgeon on statistics and tracking your church's growth

10 sure fire ways to get fired (Youth Leader Edition)

5 steps to crafting a bold vision for your youth ministry

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Go deep or go home

It's okay to be a fanatic for Jesus! 

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Youth Communicators

Dear Youth Leader, it is time to turn the tide

Welcome to My New Blog!

The Joys of Christian Conflict (or…Why I enjoyed contributing to Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: 5 Views)

How to #Gospelize a Cruise Ship

4 reasons you should ditch camp next summer and bring your teenagers to Lead THE Cause instead

5 simple ways to "GOSPELIZE" your youth ministry

What's your "Evangelism IQ"?

Top 10 things I do to stay in physical and spiritual shape

Highlights from Lead THE Cause (Denver) Part 2

Highlights of Lead THE Cause (Denver) Part 1

"What is more…" (A Tribute To Jonathan Smith)

Dare 2 Share Ministries Announces New President Debbie Bresina!

Does your Gospel have a big BUT?

Bad boys, Bad boys, watcha ya gonna preach?

7 reasons I believe prayer changes things

Highlights from Lead THE Cause Chicago (Part 2)

Highlights from Lead THE Cause Chicago (Part 1)

10 ways NOT to start a Gospel conversation

Pray that this new film series SHINES!!!

How Southern Baptist churches can stop shrinking and start thriving again

No evangelism, No discipleship. Know evangelism, Know discipleship.

7 reasons why some churches don't grow

7 habits that help me write books

Are you ready to Live it Up?

10 ways to keep your evangelistic fire burning hot

My Story in Less than 3 Minutes

4 Reasons I've stopped using my iPad for my personal Bible study time

The Law vs. Grace

The Hidden Blessings of Sharing the Gospel with Complete Strangers

3 Ways to become an Evangelism Artist

Sex Matters (my review of Jonathan McKee's new book)

Why millennials are leaving the church in droves

I miss you mom

10 reasons why youth ministry is more CRUCIAL than ever for the future of your church

How to use the Life in 6 Words app

Powerful Lessons I learned from walking where Jesus walked (PART 2)

Powerful lessons I learned from walking where Jesus walked (PART 1)

Are you willing to go beyond the horizon?

The Gates of Hell will NOT Prevail

On the Sea of Galilee

10 reasons I LOVED the #D2SFearless Tour in St Louis

10 reasons I loved the #D2SFearless Conference in Washington DC

Don't punt the baby!

5 things Starbucks can teach the Church about effective evangelism

10 ways to ruin a sermon

Who wants to be a "cast member" in our upcoming Dare 2 Share video curriculum?

Whatever it takes!

10 Things I Loved about the #D2SFearless Conference in KC

7 ways to "Gospelize" your youth ministry meetings

10 things I loved about the Chicago #D2SFearless Conference

Mission Drift (a book review)

Still deciding whether or not to attend #D2SFearless? Watch this recap video!

10 things I loved about the Columbus #D2SFearless Conference

5 Marks of a Gospel Advancing Network

Daring to Share… (a post by Carey Oswald)

Perhaps the funniest "Share your Faith" video ever made...

10 things I loved about the Denver #D2SFearless Tour

The 3 Places we need to GO to with the GOSPEL

Puberty and Purpose

10 things I loved about the #D2SFearless conference in San Diego

10 things I love about youth ministry

Colin's Story

We LOVE Youth Leaders!

Do we take hell seriously enough?

Ready to take your teenagers to the next level spiritually?

10 Things I LOVED about #D2SFearless in Twin Cities

7 reasons why many churches are not reaching the lost in their own backyards

Easiest Way to Share Your Faith (Guest Blog: Laura Loewen)

10 things a lead pastor never wants to hear from a youth pastor

Announcing our brand new evangelistic app: Life in 6 Words

10 things I LOVED about the Seattle #D2SFearless Conference

Are claims of going to heaven and coming back a bunch of malarkey?

It's about Gospel Conversations (not just evangelistic presentations)

10 possible reasons you don't share your faith (even though you know you should)

Is your church's mission statement a big fat lie?

7 BIG reasons to bring your teenagers to the Dare 2 Share FEARLESS Tour

Use this 1 minute video to start a Gospel conversation

5 Simple Ways to "Gospelize" your 2015

My prayer for you and your youth group in 2015

5 quick things to consider before you make that year-end gift

A Resolution that could start a Revolution (#StuMin)

Dear Hollywood,

12 ways to share Christ on Christmas

Give a gift and change a life.

A simple way to help your teenagers get more out of the Bible

10 reasons I thought the Exodus movie was lame

A fun (and kind of gross) video that has nothing to do with disciple multiplication (but kind of does)

The Power of Collaborating together for the Gospel

7 reasons your teenagers aren't sharing their faith more often

The missing puzzle piece when it comes to keeping our teens from leaving their faith

Announcing a new strategic training partnership between Dare 2 Share and Sonlife!

"Jesus is Lord!"

5 ways to share your faith on Black Friday

10 things I'm thankful for...

Only the Gospel can obliterate racism

My 5 encouragements to the Christians of St Louis and Ferguson

The Power of Love (Emily's Story)

5 things I enjoyed about NYWC (AKA "Youth Specialties") this year:

10 things I've learned from being in 10 car wrecks

In a world full of good causes Jesus invites us to join the greatest

10 things I would tell you as a first time visitor to your church

3 great apps guaranteed to grow your faith (from CBN News)

A simple illustration to help explain the Gospel to your middle schoolers

How to recapture the hearts, souls and minds of the teenagers in our churches

First encounter evangelism VS. Relational evangelism (which is better?)

13 ways NOT to share your faith this Halloween

5 things you can do make your youth talk better

The best youth leaders are the best wrestlers

Re-heroizing missions work to the next generation

The Gospel CAN go viral through your teenagers!

Strategic evangelism in the 21st Century

I was the dirty, little family secret

Join almost 40,000 others and download the Dare 2 Share app!

10 signs you may be going to a great church

5 of the BIGGEST mistakes (some) youth leaders make when it comes to outreach

Do your teenagers have "Gospel Fluency"?

Dare 2 Share's version of "The Office"

Sergeant Duke's story may re-ignite your passion for youth ministry

How to cook up an effective youth ministry (and avoid being "chopped")

Check out the new Lead THE Cause!

The Power of Blind Faith

Should you take your teenagers to see "The Remaining"?

4 reasons why I'm not giving up on youth ministry

Out of the mouths of...4 year olds (a guest post by Laura Loewen)

Do the Waggle Dance then give the gospel in your youth group meeting!

A simple way to amp up the impact of See You At The Pole for your teenagers

Youth leaders, multi-ethnic ministry and evangelism

7 ways I fight discouragement in youth ministry

Are you still valuable?

Robin Williams, suicide and the urgency of evangelism

5 battle strategies for youth leaders when it comes to fighting lust

Is your ministry a laser or a lightbulb?


How to have The Best (Ministry) Year Ever

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee or Napoleon Dynamite and Kip? You decide!

For God so loved "Dunia"

5 marks of super effective youth leaders

7 reasons I'm pumped about Lead THE Cause University!

My 5 pre-preaching rituals

Have you lost "the eye of the tiger" when it comes to youth ministry?

10 important questions youth leaders should be asking themselves

Every Youth Leader's Fight

How could a handful of teenagers reach a whole school in one school year?

My spiritual birthday blog (40 years ago today!)

3 disciplines every youth leader needs to succeed

The BIG question in youth ministry

3 BIG challenges every youth leader must take

7 ways to become an "indispensable" youth leader

The key to catching fish (both literally and spiritually)

10 ways to shrink a youth group

"Improvise, adapt and overcome" in life and ministry

15 questions about Dare 2 Share (with Zane and me)

Make some GREAT goals this Summer!

Vampire churches among us!!!

9 ways to ruin a sermon

Outside the Camp (the sermon)

5 signs of an excellent youth leader

What would the Apostle Paul Tweet?

10 reasons I use Twitter as a ministry tool (and you should too!)

How "The Fredrick Factor" can open up evangelistic opportunities

Snow globes, earthquakes and The National Day of Prayer

Lead Differently (a webinar for youth leaders)

Something Amazing

Doug Holliday on what it truly means to "REPENT!"

Cultural Relevance (by guest blogger Laura Loewen)

7 reasons the Resurrection of Jesus should inspire every Christian

I love this song from Willet

10 powerful truths God taught me during The "Reverse" Tour

HT' Paul Romig-Leavitt

Do we really need more churches planted in America?

What makes for good relationships? #SALT

Hungry zombies, kneeling figures and Christians that just won't shut up

Colombia, Compassion and a little girl named Karla

7 things I loved about the Washington DC #D2SReverse conference

The "Get ready for summer" Overall Fitness Challenge

Jesus wants to dance with you

My 10 favorite memories from the St. Louis "Reverse" Conference

Then what?

A Scarecrow in a Melon Patch

My 10 favorite moments at SYMC

10 reasons why youth ministry is a strategic career choice

How I put together a Rite of Passage event for my son

American poor, the gospel and theories of social justice

5 things that made our first ever California conference pretty amazing

5 Roadblocks to building a Gospel advancing ministry

7 ways you can crank up the evangelistic temperature in your youth ministry

My 1000th blog post...Whew!!!

SALT...creating thirst

Prayer, Worry and a Cage Match with Jesus

Elvis, the Pershing Center and great memories in Lincoln, Nebraska

Calling all California youth leaders!

My 10 favorite moments at the #D2SReverse Tour in Columbus

My 10 favorite moments at the Seattle #D2SReverse conference

Thermometer VS. Thermostat youth leaders

7 Reasons the Denver Broncos should beat the New England Patriots today

10 reasons why youth ministry is SO worth it!

A Simple Strategy to Rescue the Next Generation (in light of the recent school shootings)

A Short History of Student Mission Movements

Sex Trafficking and "The Church Lady"

Wait for it. Wait for it.

Honest to God

Holy Sweat! 3 reasons church leaders should get in shape (the remix)

Why evangelism is hard (but necessary)

2014 will be a great year because...

Marijuana, Teenagers and Youth Ministry

10 short (but powerful) reasons to consider a year-end gift to Dare 2 Share

7 characteristics I look for in ministries I support financially

Best day ever

12 ways to share Christ this Christmas

3 steps to help students transform their schools (in light of the most recent school shooting)

How Networking Can Save a Marriage (by Laura Loewen)

Foyer secrets revealed (sorry pastors!)

Shane (of Shane and Shane) shares why he shares (the gospel)

7 reasons I love sharing the gospel

7 "secret weapons" when it comes to sharing the gospel

10 weird little things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving

What is a ministry partnership? (Guest Blog)

5 hints for using humor when speaking to teenagers

Life in 6 Words books help your teens start gospel conversations

How to give an effective invitation (without crash landing!)

How to share the gospel with an atheist

Sermons that crash-land

How to start a revival in your youth group

10 reasons you should bring your teenagers to Lead THE Cause this summer

Emily's Story

The Share 6 Campaign (A Movement of Gospel Conversations)

13 ways NOT to share your faith this Halloween

Focus on the Peanut

How to deal with a Sr. Pastor who is not supportive of a gospel-advancing vision for youth ministry

5 things that drive me crazy

Are you just a "Sunday morning worshipper"?

5 reasons to support Dare 2 Share through your church's missions budget

If you can't add you can't multiply

Starbucks = Jacob's Well?

Gospel Fluency (according to David Hertweck)

10 things I do to stay spiritually strong, somewhat sane, happily married and kind of fit while on the road

Dear Aaby: How do I engage in apologetics without leaving bruises?


Will the rich young ruler be in heaven?

My daughter's way of explaining the GOSPEL

Pole vault God's kingdom and your youth ministry

Why do we...(???)

10 not-so-good memories from staying in not-so-good hotels

A BRILLIANT idea for neighborhood outreach (from a youth leader of course!)

7 reasons youth leaders should give the gospel in every meeting

10 of my favorite Christian bands of all time

Mr. Bill is leading THE, not that Mr. Bill

My 5 part process for writing books

What methinks of Christian protesters

Gospel giving, Salvation Segues & Transformed teenagers

Why we do and what we do

Merry-go-round evangelism and your youth ministry

What farmers can teach us about evangelism

Writing a sermon is like a building a house

Hesitations and aspirations of the father of a middle schooler

My top 10 favorite movies of all time

Teenagers, "daddy issues" and the power of the gospel

A Case for Short Prayers

Is your tongue on fire?

10 things I do to amp up my creativity

A youth ministry site that will help you

Find your calling but embrace your current

7 reasons why you (youth leader) should consistently share your faith

Lessons from going to camp


Confessions of a frustrated preacher (when it comes to worship leaders)

Leadership lessons from the Alpha X

10 quick things to remember as you prepare to preach

Firestarter (the sequel)

The Ultimate

Yes, I ate that

Spiritual lessons I learned from pruning a vineyard in Italy

What I learned on my summer vacation...Part 2

A case for the messy youth pastor

What I learned on my summer far

10 of my craziest evangelism experiences

Putting the "Go" in Gospel

Back with Black

5 ways to inspire your teenagers to share the gospel

!siht hctaW is "Watch this!" in Reverse

10 reasons to give the gospel in every youth talk

Spartans, chokepoints and disciple-multiplication

"What if?"

How four teenagers changed the world

Flipping off the Devil

The Dare 2 Share Story

10 of my worst sermon gaffes, goofs and illustrations

Get the Word out before school's out

The Evangelistic Teeter Totter

Dare 2 Share's tribute to (and ripoff of) The Office

Dear Youth Leader,

10 things I miss about being a pastor

How to make a "salvation segue" without it sounding like a "Jesus juke"

Brandon's Story

Would you rather...

The Red Shoes

The Fear of Grace

10 reasons why youth leaders should get in shape

What a dead missionary can teach us about radical youth ministry

The Ultimate Terrorist

21 ways to share the gospel

Living THE Cause in College

The Highway to Hell (a guest post)

Your teens can multiply disciples too!

My 10 favorite things about the Follow Tour...

7 reminders for reaching the lost in a culture that doesn't get Jesus

Are you ready for Reverse?

10 strategic reasons I chose to invest my life in youth ministry

Everyone needs a priest.

5 ways to get your teens engaged in spiritual disciplines

Why we do what we do at Dare 2 Share

The Four Go's: Essential Christian truths we need to train teens to understand and apply

How to spot a legalist

10 Tips for Tipping if you're a Christian

7 ways to make prayer a bigger priority in your life and ministry

"That" kid

5 simple ways to make the gospel a bigger priority in your meetings

7 lessons I've learned about getting and keep the attention of teenagers

10 ways to help your teens grow deeper in their faith

Make a GOSPEL Wall in your youth room

Don't connect the dots!

Me, a microphone and the subject of sin

Lead by example

Middle schoolers can change the world!

The Dare 2 Share App...New, FREE and totally awesome!

Pose downs, Speedos and the wrong church growth numbers

7 spiritual lessons from the SuperBowl

Dare 2 Share on steroids...LTCU

7 reasons you shouldn't let any of your teens miss the Dare 2 Share "Follow" Tour

Why Mormons do better youth ministry than we do

How Moses turned into a GREAT leader (and how you can too!)

10 reasons you should bring teens to the upcoming Dare 2 Share "Follow" Tour

Soap and Salvation Segues

Prayer is the worry substitute

10 ways to make evangelism a habit

Fake Barf

What brand of duct tape keeps you quiet about Jesus?

Top 10 Bad Resolutions for Christians

When Jesus waves you down...

5 reasons I'm excited about youth ministry in 2013...

10 ways to have a truly great 2013

Rely, don't resolve!

Check out this amazing story and then take action!

"You lied to me!"...A Christmas Confession

Gun Control is Not the Answer

Another tragic school shooting…how should we react?

A powerful Gospel video you must watch right now!

Grace makes you run amok

3 reasons I don't hate fundraising (and neither should you!)

10 Reasons to read through the whole Bible

Sometimes you have to break the rules!

7 Reasons America has not been reached for Christ

Lowriders, Roofing and the Power of the Gospel

10 things I am thankful for

A Poor Assumption (Jesus, poverty and a big mistake we make)

Ecumenical? No! Gospel-driven? Yes!

How to spot a bad evangelist

Spurgeon's shot to the solar plexus of those who preach a false gospel

Vince the Satanist

How red-faced Christians should respond to the election

10 Reasons Christianity Rocks

3 ways to share the gospel without using words

A bad thing I used to do on Halloween

Firestarter: 3 ways to ignite a passion for God in your teens

10 Christian websites that should NOT be launched

Voting, Politics and Evangelism

Jesus-centered, evangelism-driven, prayer-saturated youth ministry

Heaven is for real but are near-death experiences

A Voice for the Voiceless

Hot dog Evangelism

The BEST method for sharing the gospel

5 characteristics of a kingdom advancing youth leader network

Do you need to forgive someone? Do it now!

10 ways NOT to bring the gospel up...

Won by one (how teenagers can reach the world for Christ!)

Make your kids go!

3 ways to get better at sharing the gospel right away

9/11: Pain, ashes and hope eleven years later.

Why Lincoln Brewster gives the gospel at all his gigs

10 reasons I'm more excited about Jesus than politics

If I were the Devil here's how I would attack youth leaders...

Where do you go to pray?

Holy Sweat: 3 reasons church leaders should get in shape

Love without limits

A sermon without the gospel is like....

Birthday Reflections (3 lessons I've learned after 47 years on planet earth)

Back to School? Three Crucial Reminders for Christian Teenagers

10 Rock songs that would be great sermon titles

Don't slap Christ's wife

5 quick reasons to share your faith today

Propaganda's Spoken Word at Lead THE Cause University

Why? What? How? NOW!

5 Things I hate. 5 things I love.

What Humpty Dumpty can teach us about sexual purity

10 things Christians can learn from the Olympics

Continue to Pray For Aurora, Colorado

The Aurora Movie Massacre and the Real Dark Knight

Things that confuse me about church...

10 reasons why I love the Bible

Excellence in Ministry

Just a thought...about sin.

Love this video testimony

5 ideas for sharing the gospel this summer

Clear as mud

Drop the J bomb

Brian Aaby of Youthmark shares about Dare 2 Share

Bring the Rain

The Bigfoot of the Bible (aka "The Sinner's Prayer")

My top 5 takeaways from Lead THE Cause University


My top 10 movies of all time

The 700 Club Interactive interview I did this morning

Jeremy and my first 14er!

God can't use teenagers? Yeah, right.

Experience Dare2Share

Help your teens avoid a "bummer summer"

The Skinny on Fasting (the elusive spiritual discipline that I avoid)

The 10 worst titles for books on evangelism

Relentlessly relational

10 reasons why Christians should focus more on the gospel than politics

Love this video!

5 ways to make evangelism a bigger priority in your ministry right away

10 ways to make intercessory prayer a bigger priority in your youth ministry

10 ways The Avengers are an example for the church

Two of my favorite youth leaders talking evangelism & youth ministry

Katie's Story

Lamb on Leading and Living THE Cause

10 ways to be cool though Christian

Strength Training for Youth Leaders

Stand your post

10 reasons I love mobilizing teens to share the gospel...

Thoughts after the Game Day Tour

Angry Nerds

Easter Eggs, Jelly Beans and Jesus

7 reasons you should consider bringing a group to Lead THE Cause University

The Gospel Test: Do Your People Really Know the Good News?

10 signs you're starting to get old

It's time for a movement (so watch this video and join us!)

The Evangelist's Temptation

Helping teens taste, feel, see and, of course, hear the gospel

10 things that bother me (some of which probably shouldn't)

Our catchy little Follow Tour video (Dare 2 Share: Spring 2013)

5 reminders for your teenagers in light of the school shootings in Ohio

5 reasons Jesus would be fired if he were hired as a youth leader

The Book of Life

Rolly and the book that was never written...but was.

Mountains, molehills and ministry

Youth Leaders! What's your "Get multi-PLIED" Strategy for THE Cause?

A "Livin' THE Cause" Video

The Lake of Fire...just outside of Cleveland?

10 lame excuses for not praying

Conquering Nerves: 3 ways I overcome my fear of preaching

Failing Forward

5 reasons we need to rebrand evangelism

Leadership Lessons from 20 Years at Dare 2 Share

10 lame excuses for not sharing your faith

Apocalypse Now! Could 2012 be the Year of Christ's return?

Santa = Satan?

3 ways to share the gospel this Christmas without being a Grinch

Viva LA Cause! (or What I learned from my Compassion trip to Colombia)

Two kinds of bloggers

3 ways to make evangelism a growing priority in your life

10 things I do to prepare for a sermon

Why Your Ministry Needs More Grit and How to Get It

10 reasons why Christians should be the most thankful people on the planet

My Imposter

Why focus on teenagers?

Top 10 misconceptions about intercessory prayer

Evangelizing Mormons

Samuel Chadwick on Prayer

Great Movements Only Need 10%

How to blow up a church Part 3

How to blow up a church Part 2

How to blow up a church Part 1

Fishing in the public school pond

Look hard.

Death Notice

A Bloody Mess

Could a flag pole be an epicenter for revival?

10 ways to help teens make the most of See You At The Pole

Like a good neighbor...

Terms that abuse the gospel

10 Reasons I love the Bible

3 ways to make prayer a priority in your ministry

What's your REAL job?

The Wow Vow

Tell. Show. Be.

How should Christians respond to 9-11?

The reason for all this crazy weather

Viva LA Cause in Peru!

THE Cause Poem

Memories of the Evangelism Linebacker

Finish the analogy...

A Blaze of Glory

My take on the movie Divided

Build a Kingdom Dream Team (by John Curiale)

The 3 Requirements of Salvation

How do you do apologetics?

Spiritual Steroids

Keep your head...and your job.

A Sure Investment During an Economic Downturn

Lust will pick a lock

Extreme GOSPEL Training

"I love Jesus more than bacon."

20 minutes until the whistle

Prostitutes, Flight Attendants and THE Cause

Make an emotional decision for Christ

Reach out don't freak out video clip

Pros·e·lyt·ize: 3 reasons why Christians can't (and shouldn't) stop

Living THE Cause in Minnesota!

Daily Struggles. Daily Strength.

How to reach atheist teenagers

Two Ply Evangelism

Zane: The Real Deal

10 Reasons I still love America

The Sleeping Giant(s) in your Church

What is Dare 2 Share all about?

Grace Unafraid

Have you read The Call by Os Guinness?

Dear Pastor

Great Youth Leader Testimony

We are God's App

A Summer of Evangelism

Remember the Un.Tour?

The Real Judgment Days

"It's the end of the world as we know it" (an apology to R.E.M.)

More altar calls or more personal evangelism?

3 reasons to stop sharing your faith

Let me see

Communion, a sacrament that can kill you is coming soon!

Ten things I love

Ten things I HATE

Does Street Evangelism Really Work?

The Robbing of God

Mario, Sabrina and Jesus

G90X the Sequel: Who will join me?

How we decide things at Dare 2 Share

Deep and Wide in the vineyard of youth ministry

God's power at Un

3 reasons why the church should focus more on teenagers

Hell, yes.

Top 10 reasons to hug a youth leader

The Coming Tsunami

Augustino, Me, Rob Bell and Hell

Your heart or your hair?

A New Kind of UFC: Monks vs. Missionaries

Pray for Charlie Sheen

Do you believe in God?

We're not all that, but we are this.

The Gospel Grenade

Lead from the front

Ten reasons churches should prioritize youth ministry

The Future is NOW!

Let us pray!

Repent of an unbiblical view of repentance!

"Yes! No! But wait..."

WWJT (What Would Jesus Tweet?)

The Dusty Bazooka

Take The D2S Prayer DARE!


Ten reasons I love evangelism

Heretical 6 year olds and postmodern teens

My Youth Ministry Predictions for 2011

What are you doing to reach the next generation for Christ?

The Secret to Social Justice

5 reasons to share your faith in 2011

Please DON'T give to our "emergency need"

Fighting Discouragement in Youth Ministry

Top 10 reasons you should stay in youth ministry

If I could get in a time machine...Part 3

If I could get in a time machine...Part 2

If I could get in a time machine... Part 1

Sex and Soup

3 things NOT to say when you're sharing your faith!

3 ways to get teens sharing their faith

How to share the gospel on Thanksgiving without being a turkey

Jesus is uncool

UN is done and has just begun

3 ways to reignite your fire for evangelism

Write your name on the wall!


A Soul Fuel you must forward to a teen

Another Great Awakening about to start?

Halloween = Satan's Birthday Party?

Commander's Intent

Is your church lying?

So long Denver (not goodbye!)

What kids can teach us about evangelism

How clear is your gospel presentation?

Making a complete 160 degree turn

My first time in Columbine High School

Pulling tails, burning Korans and other stupid ideas

Everyone needs a priest

Awkward is awesome!

P90x and G90x...the results

Ten Million Minutes

Why teenagers?

Why I hate evangelism

Discovering Your Sharing Style

Why words are necessary when sharing the gospel

The Real "Old Faithful"

Hacking at the leaves of evil

A Crash Course in Sharing your Faith

Mini Teenagers and Macro Perspectives

Swagger Wagon

Dedication and Leadership

The God of Un

The Oil Spill in our Souls

Holy Hatred

The Transformational Power of Evangelism

The Preacher Dare

Prayer that works

P90X meet G90X

The Power of Potholes in Ministry

10 ways NOT to share your faith

Driving without a windshield

Survival City

Resurrecting the "e" word

The Blaze Tour rocked THE Cause!

The Rewards of Real Youth Ministry


Holy Mischief

Read Old

"Woe!" verses "Whoa!"

And now for something completely different...

Is your Church a Synagogue or a School of Tyrannus?

Moving from Meetings to Mission

The Evangelism Safety

Take it for a spin

No Single Act

Dangerous Discipleship

Not again...another school shooting in Littleton

SYMC is gonna rock!

Caffeine, Strange Smells and Changed Lives

Obama, the Democrats and Homosexuals...Oh my!

Can you hear me now?

The Youth Ministry Grind and Systemic Change

Columbus is rocking THE Cause

Jonathan McKee and Me

What drove Jesus should drive everything

To Save a Life (or "The Death of Cheesy Christian Movies")

Blaze is about to turn into an inferno

The Earthquake in Haiti and the Problem of Evil

Relentless - Relational = Ineffective Evangelism

Should we focus on evangelism or discipleship in youth ministry?

Brit Hume, Tiger Woods and Jesus Christ

My 5 Predictions for Christianity and Evangelism over the Next Decade

Dare to make a year-end gift toward reaching every teen everywhere with the Gospel!

Best Youth Group Promo for Dare 2 Share ever...

The BIGGEST gift we received this year

St. Nick's Tears

An Xmas Commercial

Of God and odds

My 500th Blog Post

Making beds vs. Making disciples

Blaze Propaganda

A Holy Spirit Happy Meal

THE Cause is launched!

A dance video from some teens coming to The Blaze Tour

Ten reasons I love sharing my faith

Depeche Mode and Me

The Devil's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Zane

Tongues of Fire

Pushy Youth Pastors

What your youth pastor and the Verizon guy have in common

Uncle Jesus

True North Giving Podcast

Garage Sale Evangelism

Rebranding The Great Commission

Meet Zane Black...dude

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