Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words - "Sins"

Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words - "Our"

Congratulations to Debbie Bresina on her 25 Year anniversary at Dare 2 Share!

5 Reasons why (the right kind of) events can trigger movements!

Top 10 Reasons you should bring teens to Dare 2 Share LIVE this Saturday

A.S.K. God for what you need and expect him to answer!

Turn up the gospel heat in your youth group

Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words - "God"

It's time to rally for the one thing that can truly change everything!

Free Evangelism Training Curriculum and Tools for your youth group and entire church!

Gospelize with Greg Stier: The Ripple Effects of the Gospel

Gospelize with Greg Stier: Signs of Revival

The 3 Big Benefits of online church VS attending church in person

A Conversation about Race, Equality and Gospel Activism with Tyree Sterling

Where's your Cause Turf?

Gospelize with Greg Stier: How God uses crisis to work in and through us

Watch the National Senior Sendoff with your high school senior here!

Righteous Riot - A Candid Current Events Discussion with Jerrod Gunter

Gospelize with Greg Stier: How to survive quarantine

Camp cancelled? Mission trip not happening? Try something new!

The National Senior Sendoff is our labor of love for high school seniors

"One a Day In May"...The GO2020 Super Challenge

Join a global movement of evangelism happening every day in the month of May!

Gospelize with Greg Stier: The Panel

4 Strategic Pivots we have made at Dare 2 Share in light of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Announcing Lead THE Cause Virtual!

Introducing a Pandemic Proof way to share the Gospel

We shall arise! (A poem of hope during this pandemic)

Moving Teens from Apathy to Action

Gospelize with Greg Stier: Ongoing Programs Reflect It

How to help your teens overcome their fears of the Coronavirus pandemic

How to move from doing events to triggering Movements

Gospelize with Greg Stier: Biblical Outcomes Measure It

3 Signs the Next Great Awakening has begun

The Coronavirus, youth ministry and evangelism

Gospelize with Greg Stier - A Bold Vision Focuses It

7 reasons you should use the brand spanking new "Life Series" in your youth group!

Why you should bring all your teens (and their unreached friends) to Winter Jam this year

My 2020 Vision for the Church

Gospelize with Greg Stier - A Disciple Multiplication Strategy Guides It

The Case for (The Right Kind of) Youth Ministry

Hellfire, Brimstone and Youth Ministry

Gospelize with Greg Stier - Leaders Fully Embrace and Model It

Is youth ministry a BIG strategic focus in your church? It should be!

The Game Changing App for Teen Evangelism you've been waiting for

Gospelize with Greg Stier - Relational Evangelism Drives It

Dare 2 Share Live equipped teenagers to #Fight2Win

Gospelize with Greg Stier - Intercessory Prayer Fuels It

A Wake up Call for youth leaders

5 ways Dare 2 Share Live could be a game changer for your youth group

You say that evangelism's a priority in your youth ministry? Prove it!

Gospelize with Greg Stier - How to Preach a CLEAR Gospel Message!!

Mr Bill's Opus

Gospelize with Greg Stier - Turning Teens Into Leaders... Like Jesus Did!

10 reasons you shouldn't quit youth ministry

What the making of the movie Rocky can teach youth leaders about getting a vision accomplished in spite of the odds against them

Stop the insanity in youth ministry by asking the question "What if?"

Gospelize with Greg Stier - Stand Up, Speak Up, and Wake Up

Why every church should put a major focus on reaching, discipling and mobilizing teenagers

Gospelize with Greg Stier - 7 Ways to Improve Your Youth Minsitry Impact

The Best Way to Stop School Violence

No more confrontational evangelism please

The 3 things every Christian teen needs

Gospelize with Greg Stier - Reaching Every Last One

When all hell breaks loose... reflections on the Columbine High School massacre 20 years later

How to turn teenagers into teen leaders (just like Jesus did!)

Gospelize with Greg Stier - 3 "R"eminders from Jesus About Disciple Making

Take care of these 4 areas to keep from becoming a ministry statistic

Gospelize with Greg Stier - How to Keep Your Heart Burning Hot for the Gospel

Gospelize with Greg Stier - 3 Dot Theology: Sovereignty, Urgency and Responsibility

10 Reasons you should subscribe to my brand new podcast

I'm Revealing a Big Fat Secret That Will Affect YOUR Youth Ministry!

7 Reasons your church should be a satellite site for Dare 2 Share Live

The strength of your student leadership team = The strength of your youth ministry

Why I take abortion so personally and why you should too

The Death and Resurrection of Youth Ministry

The #1 Reason Youth Leaders Quit

Calling all youth leaders to bring all their teenagers to Winter Jam

7 courageous decisions that could revolutionize your youth ministry in 2019

Youth leaders it's time to get off your big, fat "but's" and get physically fit in 2019!

12 Reasons the Gospel should be preached in every sermon

A Gambling Tip for Pastors: Double Down on youth ministry

Why  a little bit of "Holy Discontent" is needed for effective youth ministry

If you're discouraged with your youth ministry please read this...

3 reasons you must take the time to build a highly effective student leadership team

Train your teens to share their faith using the shockingly beautiful Silhouette Gospel video!

7 compelling reasons you should stay in youth ministry

Is it time to redesign youth ministry to reach Generation Z?

Why it's urgent for the church to take youth ministry and teenagers seriously

Could this be the beginning of the next teen-led spiritual awakening?

Turn your teenagers into Gospel Activists!

Why youth leaders should NOT be afraid of the future (in spite of all the scary statistics!)

Dear Parents of Teenagers, Here are 5 reasons you should keep your teens involved in youth group...

Social Justice or evangelism? There shouldn't even be a debate

How to run an effective youth ministry for $1.99 a week (plus tax)

5 surprisingly simple ways to have a great big spiritual impact on your teens this school year

7 reasons most churches aren't reaching the lost in their own backyards

Why we all need the faith of a pilgrim (guest post by Brent Crowe)

12 warning signs you may be attending a legalistic church

The Ultimate 1-2 Punch to Kick off your Fall Youth Ministry Calendar

7 sure fire ways to VASTLY improve your youth ministry impact

10 Crucial Questions every youth leader should be asking themselves

The Youth Leader's False Dilemma

The Hardest Question to ask about Summer Camp

Josh Griffin + me + "The Giant Wheel" = Tons of Fun

5 of the Biggest Myths in Youth Ministry

Is your youth ministry program stuck in the eighties?

The #1 Reason for youth ministry burnout

5 simple but effective ways of dealing with the naysayers in your ministry

The Christian School Dilemma: Producing Legalists, Hedonists or Activists

Discipling teens is more like playing pinball than going bowling

Awaken the sleeping giant by focusing on teenagers!

Marathons, Ministry, and the Power of Running Together

Evangelizing Now and Then

7 reasons you should consider taking your teenagers out to share the Gospel once a month or so

#GospelizeAfrica...7 lessons learned

The Anchored Leadership Conference: a tough (but necessary) conversation regarding this sexually confused generation

Never get used to the phrase "There's been another school shooting"

10 sure signs you're about to get fired as the youth leader

My honest evaluation of Youth Pastor Summit

The 5 Marks of a Great Christian Leader

The Biggest Discipleship Lie in Youth Ministry

5 super simple ways to greatly improve your prayer life

Ferraris, evangelism and homeschoolers...out of the garage and onto the street!

The Death of "The Great Commission" 

What the church can learn from the  teen-led nationwide march for gun control

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...evangelize!

7 reasons churches don't grow

Who would win the Yoscars? (If youth ministry had it's own version of The Oscars)

7 lessons every Christian can learn from the life and legacy of Billy Graham

It's time to take a stand and fight for teenagers!

5 do's and don'ts to help Christian leaders guard their sexual purity

The Fight for Teens

How should Christians react to the latest school shooting?

Why church growth is going to be harder in the future

Top 10 Reasons why your church should be a satellite site for Dare 2 Share Live!

Helping kids THINK before they CLICK (guest post by Jonathan McKee)

How to help our teens deal with LGBTQ issues

The A,B,C's of reaching Generation Z

5 exciting changes happening at Lead THE Cause you should know about!

How to stop being a hamster in the ministry wheel

Out loud with words...the power of the "propositional" Gospel

Is your Gospel explicit enough?

5 Reasons I'm loving the "Read Scripture" app

Could 2018 be the year of the next Great Awakening? YES!

Burning ships, building greenhouses, going live and growing global...how 2017 changed everything for Dare 2 Share

Flabby bodies, fat naps and the need for ministry leaders to get fit

If I were the Devil here's how I'd attack youth leaders

Sex crimes, moral failures and guarding yourself from becoming a statistic

You've been "marked to multiply!"

The Coming Persecution (and why we need it!)

The Radical Jesus Agenda

Give to Dare 2 Share on Giving Tuesday!

The Discipleship Advantage

7 Reasons why far too many youth ministries aren't thriving like they could (and should) be

5 Reasons why you need to make evangelism a serious priority in your youth ministry right away

Stop playing defense in youth ministry!

4 super simple & effective ways to become a better speaker

Does your Gospel presentation need a Reformation?

Supercharge your youth group meeting by starting an argument

Bad Math...Why just planting more churches is not enough

We need more risk takers in youth ministry!

Big announcement: Dare 2 Share LIVE 2018 is on for October 13, 2018!

Gullible Christians and the real fake news

Helping your teenagers process the Las Vegas massacre

#LetsGOspelize! This ain't your momma's webinar

5 powerful takeaways from doing an unprecedented youth ministry event, Dare 2 Share Live!

The Teen's Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices (and why you should buy it for your teen)

The Sizzle and Steak of Revival

Shake it up!

10 Reasons why Dare 2 Share Live could be the most unique (and powerful) event your youth group will ever experience

5 Reasons I love Youth Ministry

Rallying in the aftermath of catastrophe!

Should we use the end times to inspire our teenagers to live for Christ?

My Prayer for Texas

7 ways NOT to bring the Gospel up during the solar eclipse

A Cure for Racism

Chucking seeds, training farmers and building greenhouses

#LetsGo! A hashtag that captures the heart of a movement

4 super effective ways to motivate spiritually apathetic teenagers

How to reach a billion teens with the Gospel

A Very Particular Set of Skills


Every Teen Everywhere!

WAKE UP CALL! 5 truths a church must wake up to so that revival can happen

"Hell Yeah!"

An interview with Moody Radio's Hannah Lynn on the impact of Dare 2 Share

7 Highlights from Lead THE Cause Chicago!

Refuse to lose your Gospel urgency!

Why? What? How? Now! This 4 step training process can help you teach any audience more effectively

Every Teen Everywhere

5 Humongous Youth Ministry Myths

4 reasons I'm convinced we're on the verge of the next Great Awakening

Dare 2 Share Live...Mobilizing teenagers for a spiritual awakening

A MUST WATCH: My personal interview with the cross-carrying, world-traveling, one-of-a-kind evangelist...Arthur Blessitt

If you're disillusioned with politics then do something about it

4 super effective ways to help graduating seniors keep (and advance) their faith in college!

What I learned from "crashing" The National Day of Prayer Observance in Washington DC

Dear Teenager, Are you buying the 5 terrible lies that can lead to suicide?

7 simple and surprising ways to help accelerate your teenagers' spiritual growth

Start planning for Lead THE Cause now

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