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8 simple ways to get your teenagers sharing the Gospel right away

Posted by Greg Stier on Dec 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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Getting your teenagers to share their faith can be a challenge. These ideas will help to spark them to action.

1.  Get them to start praying for their unreached peers. When teenagers pray for their lost friends, family members, teammates and classmates it creates room in their hearts for compassion for the unreached (Romans 10:1.)

2.  Take them on fishing trips. In other words, take them out to actually share the Gospel once a month or so. Jesus did that with his mostly teenaged followers and we can do the same (Matthew 4:19.) Of course we want them to learn to have Gospel conversations and not just making evangelistic presentations. 


 3. Train them how to bring the Gospel up in a natural way. Jesus used the subject of a drink of water to share the Gospel with the Samaritan woman (John 4:4-10.) You can train them using the Ask-Admire-Admit strategy developed by Dare 2 Share to help you do this well.

4.  Immerse them in Gospel fluency. Just like the Apostle Paul equipped the Corinthians with a Gospel creed he himself had put to memory (1 Corinthians 15:3,4), we must equip our teenagers to clearly articulte the Gospel message in a clear and simple way. 

5.  Have your teenagers role-play various faith sharing scenarios. You can do this during youth group or small group. Use these different worldviews to create Gospel sharing scenarios with your teenagers.

6.  Program story sharing time into your weekly youth group meetings. One of the reason we love the book of Acts is that it is full of Gospel advancing stories. Faith sharing stories bring the theoretical into reality and make God's truth come alive in the form of changed lives.

7.  Have teenagers write down the names of teenagers who don't know Jesus. Use this to help them begin to pray for these friends with passion, pursue them with love and persuade them with the truth of the Gospel. At Dare 2 Share we use THE Cause Circle to help your teens visualize and actualize this process.

8.  Talk about the urgency of hell. Yes, we must help teenagers to rescue their friends from an eternity apart from Jesus (2 Thessalonians 1:8,9.) Years ago I wrote a dramatic presentation called Letters from Hell. It broke the hearts of the teenagers who heard it like nothing I've ever seen. To balance this we must talk about "the hell" they are going through as well as the hell they are headed to. But we must not shy from this painful, awkward subject. Jesus didn't (Luke 16:19-31.) The urgency that erupts from it's flames can melt even the coldest hearts to evangelistic action.

What are some other ways to get your teenagers sharing their faith right away?

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