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10 Reasons you should subscribe to my brand new podcast

Posted by Greg Stier on Mar 6, 2019 4:15:24 PM

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On March 11th we are launching the Gospelize with Greg Stier podcast. And I can't wait!  Here are 10 reasons you should subscribe:Blank blog header

1.  You'll discover how to build a youth ministry "with a kick"...a Gospel kick.

2.  It will encourage you and equip you to become more Gospel Advancing on every level as a youth leader.

3.  Gospelize with Greg Stier can become the monthly shot of inspiration you need to keep going when the times get rough (and they will!).

4.  At the end of each episode there is a short "Tips, Tools and Takeaways" segment that will give you insights on how to practically apply what was taught in that episode. Oh yeah, that segment will be taught by two great leaders (Jason and Carrie) with actual youth ministry experience! I've been out of hands-on youth ministry for, let's say...awhile. :)

5.  Gospelize with Greg Stier could become the basic training for all your adult leaders (and maybe even student leaders!). It will have show notes and questions designed for you to take your leaders through afterward.

6.  It will be available in audio AND video! Yes, it's highly produced, complete with a cool studio, so you can watch it and show it...without cringing.

7.  Each episode will be between 30-45 minutes from start to finish. That way you can listen to it during a workout or on a drive. Please don't watch it on a drive. :)

8.  There will be bonus audio episodes (including one from the amazing Lee Strobel and other key leaders!).

9.  Most of them will be expository Bible teaching but "preached" to a virtual audience of mostly youth leaders. There's a lot of flashy and fun podcasts out there that are good and fine. But the Word of God has a gravitas that goes beyond hype and sizzle. Don't get me wrong, these will be fun and funny (I can't help myself) but they will carry the worthy weight of Scripture. So you will leave every episode being ministered to personally and challenged professionally to build and lead a Gospel Advancing, disciple multiplying ministry.

10. I'll give the Gospel in every episode. Why? I want to practice what I preach! And, in the process, you'll see how easy it is to do in your own talks!

Sign up here to subscribe to my podcast and get your leaders and youth leader network to do the same! It will help give you all "the kick" you need to keep energizing, mobilizing and Gospelizing!

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