A Conversation about Race, Equality and Gospel Activism with Tyree Sterling

One of the best pieces of advice I received when it came to having the much-needed, but very hard conversations surrounding race, injustice and inequality was this: give the microphone away to those who have experienced the struggle. 

So I've been doing a lot of reposting of guys like Tony Evans, Derwin Gray and Miles McPherson. Not only are all three of these African American preachers rock solid theologically, they are powerfully practical when it comes to taking action that makes a difference.

A month ago I was able to interview Jerrod Gunter, an inner city youth leader in Memphis (and speaker for Dare 2 Share LIVE as well as Lead THE Cause). His interview can be seen here.

Serving as the youth leader at a church where, a few years ago a white cop shot a black teenager on their church property, Jerrod had many painful but powerful insights. His response to that teen's shooting then and George Floyd's murder in May, is rooted in a prayer-fueled gospel response. But it also has huge implications when it comes to creating policies that make a difference. I really encourage you to watch Jerrod's interview if you haven't.

Today the microphone goes to my friend, Tyree Sterling. After all his Twitter handle is "RockYourMic",  so today it's time for Tyree to rock his.

Tyree has been a youth leader as well as a public school anti-bullying speaker for years. He has also been a part of the speaking team for our Dare 2 Share conferences in the past as well as Lead THE Cause, and is a long-time member of our Gospel Advancing Council.

I strongly encourage you to check out this interview. Tyree's story is compelling and his sage advice is much needed at this tumultuous time in history. It comes with some very practical steps youth leaders can take to truly make a change in their communities and rip racism out by the roots, both in the hearts of their teenagers and the communities in which they live.

May his challenge to us prove fruitful for such a time as this.

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Where's your Cause Turf?

Our Cause as believers in Jesus is to share his Good News with those we encounter and to make disciples of those who respond (Matthew 28:18-20.) Some call it “The Great Commission.” I call it “The Cause.” There are a ton of good causes out there that we, as believers, can and should be a part of. But there is one overarching, great Cause that every believer is called to as their primary mission in life. It is the call to reach the lost, disciple those who respond, and train them to do the same.

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Gospelize with Greg Stier: How God uses crisis to work in and through us

In this month's episode of Gospelize, we continue our current series to focus on the current state of our nation and world. We dive into the biblical truths about the comfort that God gives in times of trouble and suffering. In this part, we focus on how we can have an abundance of faith in the midst of difficult times. 

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Watch the National Senior Sendoff with your high school senior here!

The National Senior Sendoff was a labor of love. It was broadcast live on May 28th  to 10,000+ families across the country (not counting the many who watched it on CBN!)

If you haven't had a chance to see it I encourage you to check it out. This hour long program is full of inspiring challenges to the graduating class of 2020 from professional athletes and top Christian musicians like Tobymac, for KING and COUNTRY, Michael Tait and David Crowder! Gabrielle Odom hit a huge home run with her "senior speech" and I was honored to speak as well.

I was inspired to do this event, not just for high school seniors across the nation, but the one in my own house, my son, Jeremy Stier. My prayer was to provide a "marker moment" that they would remember in spite of all of the disappointment surrounding this pandemic (cancelled proms, delayed graduations, shelter-in-place, etc.)

The entire program was very moving and encouraging. But the most powerful part didn't happen on the screen but in living rooms across the nation as family and friends surrounded the high school seniors in their homes and prayed over them.

I am so grateful for Faith Christian Academy and Mr. Hasz (the superintendent at Fatih) for saying "yes" to helping to pull this event off with excellence.

I'm super grateful for my friend Allen Weed, who runs a music and media ministry to teenagers and youth leaders called interlinc, for partnering with us  to make The National Senior Sendoff their official streaming event!

It also happens that Allen's ministry provides the number one grad gift in the nation: The gift of music and encouragement, ConGRADulations! These gifts of music have been given to over 1.3 million graduates! 

God provided so many amazing partners who helped to get the word out. All of them are listed on the website so I encourage you to go check them out.

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Righteous Riot - A Candid Current Events Discussion with Jerrod Gunter

"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4

In the face of extreme hate and extreme racism brought to the forefront by current events, as believers we can have a second response. I had the privilege of sitting down for a candid discussion with Jerrod Gunter, a main stage speaker for Dare 2 Share LIVE and Lead THE Cause Virtual and a great friend and collaborator for the gospel.

We talked about his reactions to the news of the killing of George Floyd, what he’s seen take place in his own ministry in Memphis, TN, and how he’s powerfully mobilizing young people in prayer, evangelism and policy to make a difference in his community and the nation. Jerrod is showing us how to start a "Righteous Riot, not driven by our anger or our strength, but by the Holy Spirit."

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Gospelize with Greg Stier: How to survive quarantine

In this month's episode of Gospelize, we pause our current Gospelize series to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Camp cancelled? Mission trip not happening? Try something new!

Did you have to cancel your camps and mission trips this summer? Did you have them cancelled for you? Does it feel like your whole summer has been cancelled?

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The National Senior Sendoff is our labor of love for high school seniors

Several weeks ago it started becoming clear that proms were going to be cancelled, graduations were going to look different, and high school seniors- instead of having their diploma handed to them in the traditional way- were going to get the short end of the pandemic stick. My heart broke for these frustrated high school seniors, who've been robbed of a normal, public celebration by a horrific virus.

My life has been devoted to ministering to teenagers. For the last 29 years I have sought to inspire, equip, and unleash teenagers to spread the good news of Jesus through the ministry of Dare 2 Share.

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"One a Day In May"...The GO2020 Super Challenge

What if there were one billion gospel conversations around the world in the month of May? What if tens of millions of believers would unite to ignite a Gospel Advancing Movement one conversation at a time?

This is exactly what the creators of Go2020 are praying, planning and pushing for throughout the month of May and beyond. Go2020 is an amazing evangelistic campaign that is fueling a God-honoring, Gospel Advancing, church-uniting, denomination-aligning,  multi-ethnic, faith-sharing movement happening in over 140 countries around the world!

The goal for the United States is to trigger one hundred million gospel conversations led by ten million believers! My good friend Dave Gibson is the North American Director of Go2020USA and he is passionate about seeing this nation saturated with the hope of Jesus by mobilizing believers to share the gospel.

Dave and I were talking with each other this week and came up with an idea...what if that there was a movement within the movement? What if there were a core group of believers who wanted to lead the way for this global movement by taking, what he has nicknamed, The Go2020 Super Challenge?

What's this challenge? It's two fold:

1.  Having a gospel conversation once a day in the month of May.

Would you consider taking this "super challenge"? Imagine the potential impact!

By May 31st (which happens to be Pentecost Sunday) those who take this challenge will have had at least 31 gospel conversations! Yes, this is a big commitment, and, no, it's not for everyone. But Dave Gibson and I believe that if we can get enough believers taking this next level challenge it will inspire every believer to, at the minimum, step up their evangelistic game.

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Join a global movement of evangelism happening every day in the month of May!

What if believers around the world committed to share Jesus in the month of May? What if a movement of prayer combined with a mobilization for evangelism lead to the charge for the largest global harvest in the history of the church? What if believers from every race and every denomination would UNITE together to IGNITE a movement to FIGHT for every last soul?

That's exactly what is happening every day in the month of May as a result of Go2020!

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Dare 2 Share LIVE - 10.10.2020

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