Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words - "Sins"

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Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words - "Our"

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Congratulations to Debbie Bresina on her 25 Year anniversary at Dare 2 Share!

When Debbie Bresina started working at Dare 2 Share 25 years ago we were a completely different ministry than we are today. Our name was Warriors For Christ and now it is far less, well, intense (thanks to Debbie talking me into renaming it!) We had only a small volunteer staff at the time (today we have an amazing team of 25 strong full time)! We were pretty scattered in our efforts back then, having five ministry thrusts! But today we have a laser focus on one thing: every teen everywhere hearing the gospel from a friend. A quarter of a century ago we were exclusively focused on teens in the United States. But today, we have over 90,000 youth leaders actively downloading Dare 2 Share materials from 90% of the countries around the world! 

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5 Reasons why (the right kind of) events can trigger movements!

Last Saturday we were privileged to unleash Dare 2 Share LIVE across this nation. We had thousands of teenagers from 300+ churches participate. The results? Thousands of gospel conversations and hundreds of faith indications...and...an army of teenagers ignited for and with the mission and message of Jesus.

It was an amazing time! Teenagers from the inner city of Memphis to the cornfields of Iowa were mobilized and unleashed with the Cause of Christ. 

Last Saturday felt just like a teen-led movement of gospel conversations from coast to coast because that's exactly what it was!

Here's a short recap video of this 7.5 hour long, fast-moving, spiritually transforming day. It's worth the watch...

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Top 10 Reasons you should bring teens to Dare 2 Share LIVE this Saturday

1. Generation Z is the first post-Christian generation in the history of the United States. We need to take drastic action to reverse this trend.

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A.S.K. God for what you need and expect him to answer!

So I say to you: ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."  Luke 11:9,10

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Turn up the gospel heat in your youth group

"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth." Revelation 3;15,16

In this passage Jesus is telling the church of Laodicea that they need to turn the temperature up when it comes to their passion for him. What was true of the Laodicean believers when it came to their love for Jesus is true of the typical youth group when it comes to their passion for the  gospel. Most need to turn up the heat.

But how do you do that? After decades of working with youth groups across the nation I've identified three ways to turn up the heat when it comes to the gospel!

1.  Take your temperature.

We're always getting our temperatures taken these days (thanks to the pandemic!) Whoever invested in touchless thermometers a year ago must be thrilled with their profit margins today. Why? Because a high fever is one of the first signs you may have COVID!

A high gospel temperature is also one of the first signs of revival in a youth group. When teenagers are on fire for the gospel the heat of transformation just radiates across a youth room in amazing ways.

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Gospelize with Greg Stier: Life in 6 Words - "God"

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It's time to rally for the one thing that can truly change everything!

What brings true and lasting change? For us as believers, it's not politics, policies or protests. It's the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ with our lives and lips! Henry David Thoreau once said, "For every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, only one strikes at the root." Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can strike at the root of evil. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring true unity to our churches, our communities and our country.

That's why Dare 2 Share is promoting a unifying message of hope during a season in which there is far too much division in our country.

By providing a rally point on 10/10/2020 through an event called Dare 2 Share LIVE, tens of thousands of teenagers will be inspired and unleashed in their communities to pray for their cities, serve the underprivileged in their communities, and share the good news of Jesus in their circles of influence. This catalytic event, comprised of multi-denominational, multi- ethnic churches, will be a unifying rally call to churches across nation at a very polarizing time.

Between the pandemic, protests, and political unrest, teenage depression, anxiety and suicide are at an all-time high. I believe we must do something radical to change the spiritual trajectory of this current generation of teenagers. Only the good news of Jesus can set them free from all they’re going through! That’s what Dare 2 Share LIVE is all about. It’s about unifying a generation with the hope of Jesus and then mobilizing them to reach their peers until every teen everywhere has every last chance to put their faith in Jesus. The answer to what ails our country is found in Jesus and Jesus alone.

On October 10th, 2020 thousands upon thousands of teenagers will rally together in hundreds of churches across the nation to bring peace, unity and hope. Through powerful worship, inspirational talks, hands-on training, and cutting-edge technology, teenagers will be unleashed to serve the poor and reach their peers in their local communities. Now more than ever with violence, distancing, isolation, and depression rampant, students are stepping out with the message of life, serving and bringing the gospel to make a difference because the gospel changes everything.

Utilizing technology that students are accustomed to, the event is structured to train teens to relationally share Christ, and then empower them to reach out to both their local communities and their social networks. Dare 2 Share President Debbie Bresina shares, This is the largest youth population in history. By leveraging technology, these young people have the opportunity to ignite a significant movement of gospel conversations in one day.

At last year's event, almost 8,000 teenagers attended at 128 sites. This year, on October 10, Dare 2 Share LIVE will be broadcast from the flagship site in Denver, Colorado and is on track to be streamed to hundreds of churches nationwide. Churches have the option to have their own live worship band and emcee trainer in addition to receiving the feed from Denver with prominent speakers and artists such as Gabrielle Odom, Vertical Worship, Zane Black Jerrod Gunter, The Skit Guys and yours truly. 

In this one-day event, Dare 2 Share LIVE is seeking to engage hundreds of churches across the nation to generate tens of thousands of gospel conversations in one day. The results could change a nation from the inside out. The results could bring deep unity where there has been deep division, true justice where there has been real injustice and lasting hope where there has been lasting hopelessness.

Sign up your youth group to receive the stream for Dare 2 Share LIVE here.

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Free Evangelism Training Curriculum and Tools for your youth group and entire church!

I am so excited to announce a partnership with Life Church Open Network to provide some of Dare 2 Share's best sermons, youth ministry curriculum and training videos free of charge! Open Network is open handed and we are thrilled to join them in helping to resource youth ministries and churches to share the hope of Jesus with a hurting world!

What does this mean for youth leaders? It means you can take your teenagers through our Life in 6 Words: The Gospel Explored series at no charge! This series won Outreach Magazine's Top Youth Ministry Resource Award a few years back and is now available to you and your teens at no cost!

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