8 simple ways to get your teenagers sharing the Gospel right away

Getting your teenagers to share their faith can be a challenge. These ideas will help to spark them to action.

1.  Get them to start praying for their unreached peers. When teenagers pray for their lost friends, family members, teammates and classmates it creates room in their hearts for compassion for the unreached (Romans 10:1.)

2.  Take them on fishing trips. In other words, take them out to actually share the Gospel once a month or so. Jesus did that with his mostly teenaged followers and we can do the same (Matthew 4:19.) Of course we want them to learn to have Gospel conversations and not just making evangelistic presentations. 

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Are short-term mission trips a waste of time and money?

Okay, I know this is a powderkeg subject. There are two very divergent views when it comes to this question.

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The Foolishness of Youth Ministry (and why it's vital!)

"I don't about all these teenagers running around here acting like a bunch of fools!"  Margaret, Charter member from Central Presbyterian Church

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7 keys to exponentially increase your youth ministry impact

I believe that every youth leader worth his/her salt wants to make the biggest impact possible in the lives of their teenagers and in the communities in which those teenagers live. But how can that be done effectively?

The 7 keys I'm about to share with you were the result of a research project, first among hundreds of youth leaders across the nation, and then throughout the book of Acts. These very specific values popped to the top of every high performing youth ministry as well as on every page of the book of Acts. There's really no magic formula or shocking surprise here. What's shocking is that somehow most of us have missed so many of them in how we view and do youth ministry.

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How the word "post-truth" became the "word of the year" and what it means for evangelism

"After much discussion, debate, and research, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 is post-truth — an adjective defined as 'relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.'"  Oxforddictionaries.com

Oxford Dictionaries noticed a spike in the use of the word during Brexit and the 2016 US Presidential Campaigns, but really, "the concept has been simmering for the past decade," said Oxford Dictionaries. Our culture has been slowly shifting itself from caring about truth to caring about how something makes you feel.

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Does your youth ministry suffer from "the veneer of success"?

The dictionary defines a veneer as, "an attractive appearance that covers or disguises someone or something's true nature or feelings."

Sadly, I believe that there are many youth groups that have installed a veneer of success over something far less attractive. These youth ministries seem successful because of certain externals, but underneath it all there is a less-than-effective reality.

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How the Trump win could actually make it harder to evangelistically engage the next generation (and what to do about it)

"Whoever wins, when we wake up tomorrow we will all still be Americans. #UniteNotFight #ElectionNight"

I thought it was a good Tweet. When I sent it at 10:45 pm last night (the evening of the Presidental election) my hope was that it would give a solemn reminder to the handful of my followers who I thought would see it. When it got 379 likes and 143 retweets I thought "mission accomplished."

But then I started reading some responses on my Twitter page and many of them were full of anger. From threats to move to Canada to accusations of a racist United States to just old-fashioned F-bombs, many people, most of them younger, were full of rage at the results of the election.

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5 surprisingly simple reasons your church may not be growing

As a former church planter, current traveling evangelist and lifelong student of church growth strategies, I'm convinced that there are 5 big reasons many churches never experience the right kind of growth.

I use the phrase "right kind of growth" because church growth that benefits from sucking other church members out of smaller congregations in the area is not ideal. Sure, it does and will happen, but the optimal brand of church growth happens when new disciples are being made and multiplied by the members of that church.

Having preached in tons of churches across the nation and having personally interviewed hundreds of pastors and thousands of youth pastors I'm convinced there are at least 5 big reasons why your church may not be experiencing significant growth.

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Why I'm sending a group of teens to the "I'm Not Ashamed" movie (and why  you should too!)

This weekend the Rachel Scott story is unpacked in the emotionally riveting and spiritually challenging I'm Not Ashamed movie

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Youth Ministry needs a better kind of mission trip

I believe in the power of a great mission trip to inspire teenagers to serve the poor, reach the lost and do some good. Over the years I have seen the impact mission trips have on teenagers, including my 15 year old son, both emotionally and spiritually. Just getting an affluenct (compared-to-most-of-the-world) American teenager in the grit and grime of an underdeveloped country is often enough to change his/her perspective for a life time.

While I believe in the power of a mission trip to impact a teenager I am also convinced that youth ministry needs a better kind of mission trip for the investment. Every summer, millions of dollars are raised for mission trip type endeavors. And I fully believe that many (if not most) mission trips fail to make a maximum impact, both on the teenagers and they people they are serving.

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