Helping your teenagers process the Las Vegas massacre

An evil madman in Las Vegas ended the lives of 59 individuals and injured over 500. So here we are once again as a nation, as a culture and as individuals…trying to process an event that defies what most of us could even imagine in our darkest dreams.

First, there is the shock and utter disbelief. How does this kind of thing happen? Could it have been prevented somehow?

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#LetsGOspelize! This ain't your momma's webinar

Not that there is anything wrong with your momma or her webinar or the fact that she's probably has no clue of what one is.  But the webinar series we are doing #LetsGOspelize is a unique, powerful and dare I say "fun" way to get trained.

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Rallying in the aftermath of catastrophe!

I'll never forget the week of September 11th, 2001. After being traumatized by terrorist attacks our entire nation was shaken to the core. People were afraid to fly. Many were afraid to be in public places. The potential of another terrorist attack seemed like it could be imminent.

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Should we use the end times to inspire our teenagers to live for Christ?

I'll never forget the first time I watched a Christian movie on the Rapture. It was a 1972 poorly produced film called "A Thief in the Night."

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My Prayer for Texas

Dear Father,

I pray for the people of Houston and all the surrounding areas in Texas which were impacted by the Hurricane. They are being flooded with water. Please flood them with your provision. They have been overwhelmed with destruction. Please overwhelm them with your presence. They are being wrecked by the weather. May they be restored by your love.


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Chucking seeds, training farmers and building greenhouses

"A farmer went out to sow his seed..."  Luke 8:5

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#LetsGo! A hashtag that captures the heart of a movement

Dare 2 Share Live is coming soon and we are super pumped to use the hashtag #LetsGo! It implies forward movement toward a singular objective!

#LetsGo started to catch on with us when Chris Selby, a wild-eyed youth leader (and Dare 2 Share Certified Trainer), started spouting off "Let's Go" in our meetings and on social media. It caught, not only Chris' heart for evangelism, but how we felt about it as well. It also captured the #LetsGo heart of Jesus!

In Mark 1:35-42 Jesus told his disciples "Let us go to the nearby villages that I may preach there also, for that is why I have come." Jesus was moving his disciples toward the singular objective of spreading the good news of the Gospel to everyone everywhere.

We want to walk in his footsteps! On September 23rd we will be doing just that (along with up to 50,000 teenagers across the United States from Fairbanks, Alaska to Puerto Rico!)

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4 super effective ways to motivate spiritually apathetic teenagers

ap·a·thet·ic  ˌapəˈTHedik,  adjective:
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How to reach a billion teens with the Gospel

There are about one billion young people in the world today between the ages 12-19. That's a lot of teenagers! How can all of them be reached with the Gospel? I'm convinced there is a way.

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This morning while chatting with my friend Brian Aaby at a Starbucks I was floored by a term that he used to describe how Lead THE Cause impacts students. He said that our full-week evangelism training boot camp "normalizes risk."

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