The Biggest Discipleship Myth in Youth Ministry

“My teens just aren’t ready for evangelism yet.”

There is a big discipleship myth that has been bought off by many, if not most, youth leaders I have met. This myth has resulted in, not only a tremendous slow down in the spiritual growth of teenagers in youth groups across the country, but a serious dent to new and young disciples being made and multiplied.

What is this myth?

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Why I believe Together 2016 could be a spark for a national revival

 Together2016 was a gathering of hundreds of thousands of believers on the National Mall in Washington DC that took place yesterday. Although I couldn't be there due to a scheduling conflict I was able to help drive the evangelism pre-training event held last week in the DC area. Back in Denver I watched as much as I could from the live stream of the Together2016 event.

What I saw was powerful.

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Pokémon Go Evangelism

For the last several days I've been teaching at Lead THE Cause, a week-long, high-intensity, training camp to inspire, equip and mobliize youth leaders and their teenagers to make and multiply disciples in their own communities. We equip teenagers to pray and then we spend an afternoon praying. Then we teach them to share the Gospel and take them out to actually do it. 

After our afternoon outreaches we capture stories from these trained up (and now fired up) teenagers about what God did while they were out sharing the Gospel on the streets. Mr. Bill and his Legacy Students came back some amazing experiences while using Pokémon Go. To be honest I don't quite understand the phenomenon but I asked him to have his youth group write a summation that I could share with you. Here it is:

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My Review of the "I am Not Ashamed" movie

Every once in a while, a Christian movie comes along that simply must be seen. The reason this kind of movie must be taken seriously is not because of the special effects, a production budget that is in the tens of millions of dollars or the fact that it is packed and stacked with the trendiest, flavor-of-the-day Hollywood actors. No, this brand of movie must be seen because it tells a powerful story with compelling characters leading to a powerful and potentially life-transforming reaction.

I Am Not Ashamed is one of those movies.

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4 ways your youth ministry can help to stop racism in this nation

This morning, my heart, all of our hearts at Dare 2 Share, are deeply saddened by the killing of 5 police officers (and wounding of seven more) in Dallas last night. All of this took place at the hands of a sniper who reportedly said that he wanted to kill white people. My heart is also broken for Philando Castile being shot and killed by police officers in Minnesota on Wednesday night and Alton Sterline being shot by two white police officers on Tuesday.

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3 Dot Theology

Have you ever known a dude who meant well, but couldn’t quite connect the dots socially; someone who was sincere, naïve and, well, but not all that bright when it came to relationships? Usually we feel bad for this kind of person because he doesn't quite get it. He tries hard asking that out-of-his-league girl out but doesn't catch the non-verbal cues that she is just not interested in carrying on a conversation or going out or whatever. He just can't quite connect the dots.

Wait, that sounds like me in high school!

But sometimes not connecting the dots can actually be a good thing, especially when it comes to beyond-our-pay-grade Biblical truths. This is the case with the underlying theological issues surrounding divine sovereignty and human responsibility, especially as it pertains to salvation. When we try to connect the dots in terms of election and evangelism it can, not only frustrate our theological systems, but fry our puny brains.

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7 ways NOT to share your faith on the 4th of July!

1.  Tweet "The blood Jesus shed was RED, so that your sins could be made WHITE and you could stop being BLUE."

2.  Sing "God bless America...if she repents" at a family gathering.

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4 Things I LOVE about Creationfest

Since 1979 Pastor Harry Thomas has been leading and shepherding Creation Festival. Hundreds of thousands of young and old alike have been ministered to over the years by these highly produced, highly prayed-over, high quality events.

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If I were the Devil...

If I were the devil I'd distract the body of Christ with more and more meetings. I'd get Christians so involved with their churches they didn't have time to get to know their lost neighbors and reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I'd have them join committees, start small groups and become church leaders, leaving them no time to accomplish the actual mission Jesus left for them. 

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How a bad hail storm just reminded me of the urgency of the Gospel

Last night as I waited for my son to get let out of football practice and noticed that my wife had been trying to call me...several times. When I called her back she sounded desperate. In the background I heard a tremendous pounding and my daughter and dog freaking out. Our house was getting pounded by hail...massive amounts of hail. 

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