Helping kids THINK before they CLICK (guest post by Jonathan McKee)

Jonathan McKee is an expert on all things teen. He loves Jesus and youth leaders and is super passionate about teenagers making the right choices (and helping us help them to do just that!) . He's also a good friend (and a fellow Denver Broncos fan...we'll be back next year by the way!) You are gonna love what you're about to read from him and I'm sure you'll find it helpful in your work with teenagers. Enjoy!

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How to help our teens deal with LGBTQ issues

There is a lot of confusion in this culture today over gender and sexual identity issues. There is a lot of head scratching in the church, as well. But God’s Word brings clarity where the world and religion often brings a fog.

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The A,B,C's of reaching Generation Z

The latest Barna report is out and, ouch, Generation Z is the first truly post Christian generation in American history. According to the research teenagers today are TWICE as likely to identify as atheist or LGBTQ.

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5 exciting changes happening at Lead THE Cause you should know about!

Since 2012 we have had the privilege of equipping thousands of teenagers to effectively share their faith during our full-week summer events called Lead THE Cause!

It's been a wild ride! The impact of a full week immersion into prayer, evangelism and disciple multiplication is hard to describe.

Out of all the things we do at Dare 2 Share I'm convinced that Lead THE Cause is the most effective when it comes to "The DNA Transfer" of the message and mission of Jesus into the hearts, souls and minds of these teenagers.


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How to stop being a hamster in the ministry wheel

Have you ever watched a hamster running furiously around the inside of a hamster wheel and wondered, "What is that little guy thinking?" You watch it run and run and run, sometimes with bursts of energy, where you wonder if the hamster actually thinks it is making some kind of progress.

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Out loud with words...the power of the "propositional" Gospel

There are a growing number of voices in the Christian community that are marginalizing, even mocking, "the propositional Gospel." Over the last several years I have had more and more conversations about this from philosophizing seminary students to grinding youth leaders to well-seasoned Bible professors to disillusioned pastors. 

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Is your Gospel explicit enough?

Explicit: "Clearly stated, in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt."

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5 Reasons I'm loving the "Read Scripture" app

We're only six days into the New Year and, so far, I'm loving the Read Scripture app. To be honest, I had never heard of it before. But a good friend, Doug Holliday, recommended it to me a few weeks ago. I downloaded it and, on January 1st, started using it.

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Could 2018 be the year of the next Great Awakening? YES!

I have been a student of sweeping revivals and massive spiritual awakenings since I was in elementary school. Maybe it was how the Gospel transformed my very tough, very urban family from a gang of fist fighters to a group of street preachers almost over night.

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Burning ships, building greenhouses, going live and growing 2017 changed everything for Dare 2 Share

2017 was the year of ultimate transition and transformation for Dare 2 Share. We stopped doing conferences (burnt the ships), doubled down on launching 130,000 Gospel Advancing Ministries around the world (building greenhouses), launched Dare 2 Share Live in 68 cities across America and hired our first ever Global Director of Outreach

..and, by God's grace (along with the hard work of a world class team), survived.

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