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Helping your teenagers process the Las Vegas massacre

An evil madman in Las Vegas ended the lives of 59 individuals and injured over 500. So here we are once again as a nation, as a culture and as individuals…trying to process an event that defies what most of us could even imagine in our darkest dreams.

First, there is the shock and utter disbelief. How does this kind of thing happen? Could it have been prevented somehow?

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3 Ways to become an Evangelism Artist

Recently, an article came out talking about The Art of Evangelism in relation to the business world. Using the Greek noun euangelion, which means "to proclaim good news", the author dove into three effective skills to have and use when evangelizing for a company/business. As Christians, rather than evangelizing for a product or

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We LOVE Youth Leaders!

We, at Dare 2 Share, LOVE YOUTH LEADERS!

Why? – Without them, many students across America might never have the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they might never have a chance to know what real and unconditional love is all about!

Unfortunately, many of the sacrifices youth leaders

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10 reasons you should bring your teenagers to Lead THE Cause this summer


1. It will equip you and your team how to, not just make disciples, but multiply them.

2. Your teenagers will master the basics of intercessory prayer and evangelism.

3. You and your team will develop a customized, adaptable action plan (based on everything you learn during the week) to go

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Creating Discipleship Synergy between Home and Church

At Dare 2 Share, we’re all about mobilizing teenagers to become disciples who make disciples so they can reach their generation for Christ.

But when I look at Deuteronomy 6:6-9, it’s clear that the people who are called to have the most impact on teenagers are their own parents. See if

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Gun Control is Not the Answer

In response to the horrific reality of last week’s school shooting in Connecticut there seems to be a growing sentiment toward stricter gun control laws in America. Most reporters, many Senators and, even the President himself, are talking about the issue of gun control like it is the answer to

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Another tragic school shooting…how should we react?

I just heard the tragic news about the school shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. It broke my heart to hear of so many dying in such a horrific attack.

There’s something especially sad about elementary school children being senselessly slaughtered. As a father to two elementary school aged children

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Grace makes you run amok

I think we live in a generation of church leaders who are generally afraid of grace. Maybe they secretly think that if they preach it with unfiltered passion and clarity then people will run amok.

They will.

They’ll run amok like they did in the book of Acts.

They’ll run amok with acts

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My April MAP

The MAP has simplified to one main mobilizing-the-next-generation step. Here's what I'm going to do this month to mobilize Josh:

My MAP for this month is to reload Josh and siblings with the books, tools they need to reach their friends for Jesus!

To start your own MAP go here.


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