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A MUST WATCH: My personal interview with the cross-carrying, world-traveling, one-of-a-kind evangelist...Arthur Blessitt

Posted by Greg Stier on May 19, 2017 5:44:36 PM

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Today I had the honor of interviewing Arthur Blessitt, the cross-carrying, world traveling, on-fire-for-Jesus evangelist! It was a blast! You need to watch the interview and then go to his Facebook page where you can watch us both carry one of the crosses he's walked around the world! What a fascinating man of God he is!


Here are some amazing Arthur Blessitt Facts:

-He has carried the cross for the last 49 years.

-He holds the Guiness Book of World Records for most miles walked.

-Arthur has walked through every country on the planet (including every island grouping) sharing the Gospel with millions, that's right MILLIONS, of people along the way.

-He has shared the Gospel with politicians like George Bush, leaders like Yasser Arafat and musicians like Bob Dylan and Jannis Joplin.

-He has had a knife held to his throat on three different occassions, prayed with all three perpetrators and took all three of their knives as souvenirs. 

-He has been hit by a car while carrying a cross, worn our countless shoes and seen an amazing number of people come to Christ (he stopped counting a long time ago.)

-Arthur is one of the most humble, kind, warm and inviting evangelists I have ever met.

Stay to the end of this fun, interesting and, at times, amazing interview to discover how Dare 2 Share intersected with Arthur's life in a personal and powerful way!

After the interview in his basement we drove to a nearby park where I was privileged to carry the cross with Arthur while his iPhone streamed onto his Facebook channel! Be sure to watch it too!

He interviewed me about my story, Dare 2 Share Live and the need for a teen-led revival! He deeply desires to see the next generation mobilized for the mission of Jesus and to unleash them to "carry the cross" of Christ to their peers in a powerful and personal way!

Arthur and his lovely wife Denise are one of a kind and I count it an honor to have carried the cross with them today! 

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