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The Surprising Secret to a Highly Effective Youth Ministry

What's the secret to a highly effective youth ministry? Rocks!

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Time to get REAL (a challenge to all the youth leaders who attended the Live It Up tour)

It was a great conference tour and I'm thankful for all that God did during the Live it Up tour! Together, let's praise God for all that he did to change lives, save souls and advance his kingdom:

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My 5 favorite memories from the Live it Up Tour! What are some of yours?

1.  The response to the Friday night's drama.

This year's drama was based on a school shooting that kept rebooting over and over until the two key characters (hiding from the shooter in the school bathroom) got it right. It was just the right mixture of urgency and authenticity when it comes to evangelism.

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10 lessons I'm learning from being the parent of a teenager

1.  It's not as easy as it looks on paper.

I had parenting all figured out before I had kids. I watched the videos, read the books and even preached a few sermons on it. Then my wife and I had children and all but a handful of key principles blew away like dust (from the top of a teen boy's desk) in the wind.

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What to do if your pastor is not on board with your youth ministry

I talk to youth leaders across the country, many of whom feel like their pastors are not fully behind their youth ministry efforts. Speaking as a former church planter and preaching pastor, here are a few tips that will help get your Sr. Pastor on board with you and your youth ministry:

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Reach out DON'T freak out! 7 simple ideas to get your teens sharing their faith right away!

Getting teenagers to share the Gospel with their peers may seem like a daunting task. But when teens begin sharing their faith they begin growing in their faith. Why? Because the social risk involved forces them to trust in God, die to themselves (and how their peers perceive them), and walk in obedience to the Father.

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5 military leadership secrets that will help you become a more effective youth leader

I've always been a military buff. It must be in my blood or something. My biological father (whom I've never met) was a Sergeant Major and fought in both World War 2 and Korea. I discovered that he was the very last P.O.W. released from the Korean War and became a celebrated war hero when he returned to his home state of California.

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Rethinking Evangelism (a short interview between Brian Aaby and yours truly from YS Idea Lab)

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5 simple ways to improve your prayer life

1.  Find a prayer "hot spot" and use it.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16

We all know about wireless hot spots…you go into a coffee shop and want to know the wireless code for the hotspot so you can get online. Well, I believe that Jesus had prayer hot spots. Sure, he could pray anywhere but I believe there were places he especially liked to connect with God through prayer.

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