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13 ways NOT to share the Gospel on Halloween

Posted by Greg Stier on Oct 31, 2015 9:27:50 AM

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Halloween Pumpkin

1. Give kids the choice between Angel food cake and Deviled eggs to see where they are at spiritually.

2. Pass out Tootsie rolls and fake $20 bills (the ones that are really gospel tracts in disguise.) The Tootsie rolls are fine but when kids realize that the $20 bill is fake they will teepee your house with real toilet paper.

3. Throw pocket New Testaments at kids from behind the bushes trying to make it into the top of their candy bags.

4.Dress up like Hanz and Franz and yell at the children who come to your door to "If your spiritual diet is like your physical diet no wonder you are headed for hell" (in your best Austrian accent!)

5. Put a "Happy Halloween, now REPENT!" sign in your front window.

6. Insert Testamints into marshmallows covered in chocolate and blessed by a priest.

7. Invite the kids over to watch the scariest movie ever and then show them pretty much any Christian movie from the 90's.

8. Give away apples and use them as an illustration of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? On second thought apples? Don't be that house.

9. Go as a zombie with a sign around your neck that reads, "Dead in my sins"

10. Dress up like a mime and wordlessly act out the gospel and then start rapping a Lecrae song for no apparent reason. Run after the fleeing children while throwing Chick tracks at them.

11. Bobbing for Bibles.

12. Answer your door as a TV Preacher and tell the kids if they give you all their candy God will pay them back a hundred fold.

13. Put a sign on your door that reads "No celebration of darkness. No candy...Know Jesus (instead!)"

Okay, all joking aside. Remember that Halloween is like door-to-door evangelism in reverse! They come to YOUR door!!!

Here's what we're doing at our house to reach out: LOTS of GOOD CANDY and seeking engaging the parents hovering outside and the too-old-to-trick-or-treat teenagers in conversations that lead to the Gospel (I may even bust out the Life in 6 Words app and see what happens!) Also, I think I may have to crash a Halloween party being held by a neighbor dressed as Hanz or Franz (just kidding...but I may crash it anyway and pray it leads to tons of great Gospel conversations amidst all the Halloween kookiness and games!)

What are you doing to reach out this Halloween?

*Reposted and adjusted from a blog I wrote last year!

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