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Top 10 Reasons why your church should be a satellite site for Dare 2 Share Live!

Posted by Greg Stier on Feb 5, 2018 4:34:53 PM

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On October 13th, 2018 we are anticipating 100+ churches from across the nation (and maybe even Canada!) to be satellite sites for Dare 2 Share LIVE! We fully anticipate 20,000+ teenagers being inspired, equipped and unleashed in a single day to share the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of their friends through social media and face-to-face conversations.

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Last year's Dare 2 Share LIVE event went astonishingly well and we believe that 2018, by God's grace, will be even better and reach even more with the hope of Jesus!

With this as a backdrop, here are the top 10 reasons why your church should be a satellite site for Dare 2 Share LIVE in 2018:

1.  It will energize and equip your teenagers to share the Gospel and help them grow deeper in their love for Jesus and the lost!

2.  It will unite and ignite the youth groups in your community for the greatest cause of all, THE Cause of Christ to make and multiply disciples!

3.  Every site will have it's own live emcee/trainer and worship band so, although training will still be simulcasted in, every venue will feel live and be popping.

4.  There will be a national prayer service during LIVE where teenagers from coast to coast will all be calling out to God at the exact same time for revival to strike in North America!

5.  When we say "live" we mean "live"! There is no one hour or two hour delay. It will start on Saturday, October 13th, at 9am on the West coast and at noon on the East coast. And if a site in Hawaii signs up it will start at 6am! Come on Hawaii! Do a Friday night sleep over at your church, roll out of your sleeping bags and have your teens shuffle down the hallway to the early am event! Can you say Dunkin Donuts?

6.  Teenagers will be inspired, equipped and unleashed to collect canned food for local rescue missions and share the Gospel with others during the outreach portion of the event.

7.  Every teen will be able to download the Dare 2 Share LIVE app which they can use to connect with other teens in different satellite sites around the nation, get trained to share the Gospel, and upload Gospel conversation-starting videos to their friends and social media feeds.

8.  The Skit Guys are coming back!

9.  While most of the worshipping will happen in the satellite sites led by local worship bands, we are going to attempt a coast-to-coast worship service conducted by our good friends Shane and Shane.

10.  It's time for the next spiritual awakening. Dare 2 Share LIVE can be a rally point for revival in each community. If youth leaders unite together in every city to pray for revival, pull off this event and put into practice what they learn in real and tangible ways year round, it can be the flashpoint for spiritual awakening that North America desperately needs right now.

If these ten reasons stir your heart and if you're willing to do the work (prayerfully and logistically) of doing Dare 2 Share LIVE in your city, then click here

It's time for the next great awakening. If you believe that teenagers are key to it then do what it takes to get Dare 2 Share LIVE to your city.

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