Dear Youth Ministry Professor

First of all thank you. Thank you for your investment in current and soon-to-be youth leaders. Your investment in these young and spiritually potent lives could result in the radical transformation of the next generation. 

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No Jesus. No justice.

There is no justice without Jesus. 

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Is it wrong to use entertainment in youth ministry?

Ask the typical church member what words come to mind when they hear the words "youth ministry" and most will probably use words like "games" or "fun" as part of their description. Youth ministry is known for its ability to entertain teenagers. But it's also recognized for helping teenagers know and grow in Christ.

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Dear Worship Leaders... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Dear Worship Leader,

I have a confession to make. It's hard to type these words but here it goes...I've vastly underestimated the power and importance of what you do. 

There have been times I wanted to give you the hurry up and land the plane signal from the congregation as it seemed to me that you were relentlessly singing that same 7-11 song (seven words sung eleven times) seven weeks in a row (or was it eleven?)

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Is your Gospel as CLEAR as it should be? Take this simple test and see.

If I gave you the choice between drinking a muddy glass of water or a clear one, of course, you'd choose the clear one. Nobody wants their water mixed with dirt and sediment. The clearer the better.

What's true of a glass of water is true of a presentation of the Gospel. The clearer the better.

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Practicing narrow-minded, open-hearted, love-drenched intolerance

We live in a society where tolerance is elevated to a high virtue and theological certainty is viewed as angry, narrow-minded dogmatism. This reality can bring Christians into sharp dispute with the world because, according to God's Word, the very essence of faith is "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1.)

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Watch this webinar and jumpstart "gospelizing" your youth ministry!

In this webinar, you'll learn what a Gospel Advancing Ministry is and the 7 values all Gospel Advancing Ministries embrace. You'll also walk away with some practical ideas to begin "gospelizing" your own ministry! 

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The Surprising Secret to a Highly Effective Youth Ministry

What's the secret to a highly effective youth ministry? Rocks!

I love the Bible's obsession with rocks. In Genesis 28:18 Jacob used a rock as a pillow of sorts and then anointed it with oil as a memorial to his God-induced vision/dream the night before. Then there's the pile of rocks that Joshua had the Israelites stack up in Joshua 4:19-24 as a commemoration of the crossing of the Jordan river into the Promised Land. And, of course, all of us remember that single, smooth rock hurled from the sling of David that took out a giant in 1 Samuel 17:50. God loves to use everyday, ordinary objects (like rocks) and everyday, ordinary people (like David) to accomplish extraordinary missions.

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Time to get REAL (a challenge to all the youth leaders who attended the Live It Up tour)

It was a great conference tour and I'm thankful for all that God did during the Live it Up tour! Together, let's praise God for all that he did to change lives, save souls and advance his kingdom:

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My 5 favorite memories from the Live it Up Tour! What are some of yours?

1.  The response to the Friday night's drama.

This year's drama was based on a school shooting that kept rebooting over and over until the two key characters (hiding from the shooter in the school bathroom) got it right. It was just the right mixture of urgency and authenticity when it comes to evangelism.

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